Stove Repair in Montreal

If you are in love with your kitchen and can’t stay a day away, this is important news for you. How so? Well, life is very unpredictable and anything can happen to your good old stove that has been serving you for years. When these problems occur, they may seem irreversible, but this is where APlus comes in.

Stoves can be very dangerous if certain problems that they experience are not given immediate attention. Here are a few problems that can occur with your stove, which will indicate that it needs to be fixed or repaired.

Gas leaking

This is a very serious situation that can threaten one’s life. Gas spills may occur due to breakage in gas lines. How does this happen? Something heavy may fall on your oven or your gas line may be old and worn.

Difficulty Lighting

Can you imagine waking up in the morning with an intense desire to cook a nice one pot meal on your stove and just to find out that your stove is not lighting. You need to take it to a repair expert to assess and diagnose the problem and to perform necessary repairs.


If your stove is overheating, this will end up with many unsuccessful dishes. Simply put, those dishes that you spend days or weeks planning will burn. We are sure no one wants to have this experience. Your stove may overheat because of a malfunctioning temperature sensor or a malfunctioning thermostat.

Stove is smoking

Smoke is dangerous and is not good for any living being. It can be very toxic if you inhale too much. Your stove may smoke because of inadequate combustion of air and insufficient fuel height.

Rusting and Deterioration

This can be due to the use of harsh chemicals that damage the outer layers of your stove. Furthermore, this damage persists and results in deterioration of various parts of your stove, especially near the burners.