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What you probably do that shortens the life of your appliances

Appliances are a significant investment and we all want to do everything we can to make sure we get the most out of them before we need to repair or replace appliances. However, taking care of your appliances involves much more than keeping them clean, there are small things that most of us are guilty of doing (or not doing) that could significantly reduce the lifespan of our large appliances – which could result in large appliances. repair in Vancouver.

Overfilling your washer

It can be tempting to throw away that extra pair of sweatshirts to avoid having to do an extra load of laundry; after all, isn’t it better to run the washer as few times as possible? Not exactly. Excessive jamming of your machine can lead to faster wear of key components, not to mention that the quality of the cleaning may require you to restart the load anyway. If you end up with a very large load of laundry, you’d better separate it into two small loads rather than trying to store everything at once.

Using too much detergent

More isn’t always better, especially when it comes to the amount of detergent you use in your washer. A surprisingly common appliance repair in Vancouver is for damage caused by excessive detergent use. When too much laundry soap is used, some of the foam can pull up the hose, which could impact the switch. Excess soap also leads to a buildup of residue, which can lead to drainage problems, too wet clothing, a foul odor in the machine, and increased wear and tear on the machine itself. As a general rule, never use more than the recommended amount of detergent; for difficult stains, use a stain remover combined with an additional soaking cycle.

Too much clutter in your dishwasher

Filling your dishwasher shouldn’t be a personal challenge to see how many extra plates or bowls you can insert before running a cycle. Not only are you more likely to end up with dishes that still contain pieces of food or residue, but you’re also at risk of burning your device prematurely or creating problems that can lead to leaks. Dishwashers are configured to allow optimal movement of soap and water between dishes. If the dishes don’t all fit into this space, you may just need to run a second cycle.

Don’t spray your appliances

Keeping your devices clean is essential to keep them in good working order. However, one thing most of use are done badly sprays the cleaning solution directly on the device and then wipe with a cloth. This can have disastrous effects on electrical components, especially on stoves, dishwashers and microwaves. Instead of spraying directly on the device, moisten a cloth and then wipe.


Problems with your Maytag Bravos MCT washer, whether it’s a top-loading model or some other type, are more common than you might think. After a few months of heavy use, it’s not uncommon to experience malfunctions related to fault codes or a lid that refuses to lock properly. These problems can be due to a variety of causes, such as a power supply problem, a faulty part in the tank, or even a problem with the wash cycle refusing to go into spin mode. In addition, hearing a click without the cycle reaching its end of the cycle is frustrating and often signals a problem. It is essential to want to carry out an accurate diagnosis of your appliance, whether it is a washing machine, a refrigerator, or a dishwasher of the LG brand or others, to identify the reasons why it does not start or has abnormalities. Bravo for your patience and perseverance. In this article, you’ll find out how to fix common problems with your Maytag washer, a must-have guide to keeping your appliances in good working order.


Power supply issue with your Maytag washer

If your machine does not have any indicator light signal, it is imperative to check the electrical connection very quickly. Indeed, it is necessary to ensure the non-existence of a malfunction at the level of the circuit breaker and the actual circulation of the current in the socket. To perform this check, you could plug in another device to test the electrical outlet. If the problem persists, call a specialist in installation and repair of household appliances.

The electronic card is faulty

The electronic board is the manager of all the electrical functions of your device. Its role in the start of laundry seems undeniable. In the event of a failure, it can therefore prevent your machine from working. You can change the electronic board, but the presence of a washer repair expert will make all the difference. When one part is damaged, the entire circuit is damaged, because one does not go without the other. It is therefore useful to go through all the constituent elements in order to detect the possible cause of the malfunction. Some problems, on the other hand, can find their source in the lack of maintenance.

How to maintain your washer?

Maintenance is the most important step in any acquisition. Be sure to use the right detergent for your washer by strictly following the instructions for use. It is also advisable to load the detergent tray with more care, depending on whether it is a powdered or liquid detergent. Among other things, the diagnosis before repair of the washer can also identify the door as the cause of the start-up problem.

The door does not close

Every washing machine device has a porthole consisting of a safety system that prevents starting if the door is not hermetically closed. In this case, check its effective closure. If the problem continues, you need to renew the security system. Some very simple tips can help you stop paying money for a new acquisition. One of the tips and opening the door for air circulation.

Opening the door for air circulation

The risk of spore multiplication is reduced when the door remains open after laundry. Note that the seal of it must be dry to avoid its rapid deterioration.

The washing program is incorrectly selected

The proper verification of all the features of the washer is important and the selection of the program of the latter is a necessary step. You have the rotation selector for one and the start button for the other. If some programs work besides the latter then it is probably damaged. The remaining parts must be checked by a washer dryer repair expert to detect the cause.

The solenoid valve, resistor or motor no longer works

The defect of several other parts of the washer can cause it to fail to start. These parts are the solenoid valve, the resistor and the motor.

Solenoid valve is damaged

Allowing the circulation or not of water leaks and allowing the cube to fill, the solenoid valve plays the role of electric valve without which, the distribution of water in the different compartments can not be possible. You can automatically notice a malfunction at this level since its role as a filler will not be assured. However, you should make sure that the faucet remains open. If the problem persists, it is just appropriate to change this room.

Defective resistance

It allows the water to have the necessary temperature to heat up. As long as it is not reached, the installation will remain blocked. When there is wear of the resistor, it will no longer work and can cause a current leak or disconnect the meter. Washing machines have a hot water hose that must be cleaned monthly. In the event of a leak, resort to professional repair.

The engine no longer works

Problems with your Maytag washer can be frustrating, especially when the drum rotation is entirely dependent on the motor. If your washer isn’t working properly, the cause could be related to the thermal safety of the motor that is showing signs of wear and tear. For a reliable home installation of your washer, trust our installation service in Laval. Whether you live in Montreal, Quebec or elsewhere, we’re here for you. The home washer is a handy appliance designed for laundry washing, but it can also require repairs if it fails.


Maytag Washer Problems: Solutions & Repair FAQs

Maytag washer problem

My Maytag washer won’t start at all. What can I do?

There may be a few reasons why your Maytag washer won’t start. First, make sure it’s plugged in properly and that the power cord is in good condition. Also, check that the door is closed properly, as some modern washers only start when the door is locked. Finally, make sure your home’s circuit breaker or fuse hasn’t blown. If the problem persists, it may be an internal malfunction requiring professional intervention.

Why does my Maytag washer stop during a cycle?

A Maytag washer that shuts down mid-cycle can be caused by a variety of problems. Make sure that the drain hose is not clogged and that the water is drained properly. Also, check that the water pump filter is not clogged. Overload problems can also cause the machine to stop. Make sure you don’t overload the washer. If the problem persists, it may be due to a malfunction of the load sensor or programmer, which usually requires professional repair.

My Maytag washer makes a loud noise during spinning. What can I do?

Loud noises during spinning can be caused by several factors. First, make sure the washer is level, as a wrong level can lead to excessive vibration. Also check that the load of laundry is properly distributed inside the drum. Hard objects like coins or buttons can cause loud noises if they get stuck in the drum or pump. If the noise persists, it may indicate a worn bearing or a faulty belt that will need to be replaced.

Why is my Maytag washer leaking water?

A Maytag washer water leak is a common problem. First, make sure that the hot and cold water supply pipes are properly connected and do not have any leaks. Also check the gaskets around the door and detergent drawer. If you find any leaks, replace the defective gaskets. Sometimes, a leak can be caused by a clogged or damaged drain pipe. If in doubt, call a qualified technician.

My Maytag washer won’t drain properly. How do I fix this?

A Maytag washer that doesn’t drain properly may be due to a clog in the drain hose. Start by checking the drain hose for any objects obstructing the passage. Also, make sure the drain hose is not bent or crushed. The water pump filter may also be clogged, so be sure to clean it. If the problem persists, it may be a faulty water pump that will need to be replaced. If in doubt, consult a washer repair technician to diagnose and fix the problem.

The 5 risks concerning the maintenance of your oven

A well-equipped modern kitchen now includes an oven. The latter allows the realization of many recipes and must be the subject of special attention, especially in terms of maintenance. To preserve your oven for a long time and preserve it, here are some valuable tips.

#1 – Never clean your oven

The maintenance of your oven is a primary issue. And although this device sometimes serves on a daily basis, it is easy to forget to wash it. Whether your oven is self-cleaning or not, it will be important to think about washing it, for obvious reasons.

Over the course of use, food debris colonizes the inside of your device, and its accumulation can quickly involve various risks. It is a mistake to never think about cleaning the inside of your oven by relying on the fact that the fire sterilizes this place. Indeed, smoke and debris burned can be carcinogenic, or promote the development of various bacteria. A good cleaning will rid your device of all kinds of residue, while preserving it over time.

#2 – Misuse the functions of your oven

In order for your oven to serve you as long as possible, and to make the most of it, you need to know the functions it has. The use of the self-cleaning function, for example, prevents any use of the oven for a long time. So remember to do it long before the time scheduled for use when you have guests for example.

Some misunderstandings about the oven configuration can be counterproductive. This is the case, for example, when plugting the ventilation holes in the oven, in order to enjoy optimal heat. These mouths must remain open for good heat circulation inside.

There are also some habits that are easy to take, but that are not the most advantageous. For example, leaving aluminum dishes or papers in the oven after use is very common. The fact is that before preheating the oven for other cooking, it is easy to forget these various elements, which often causes unpleasant fumes or the risk of burns when one wants to remove these dishes.

#3 – Use your oven as a heater

This error is relatively common. It is indeed tempting to turn on the oven in cold weather to hope to warm the inside of your home in the absence of efficient heating. However, this solution carries significant risks, and it is strongly discouraged to use it.

It should be noted that over long periods of use, the risks of gas leakage are significant. Using the oven as heating increases this risk significantly. If the flame goes out without your knowledge, you may also incur carbon monoxide poisoning. This odorless gas is dangerous and can therefore escape without you noticing.

A third important point is the waste of energy related to this practice. The oven is not designed to offer the same performance as appliances dedicated to heating. You will therefore spend much more energy, without having the same results as for the case of a regulatory boiler.

#4 – Open the door too often to check cooking

Simple habits such as opening the oven door a little too often during its operation will also not allow you to enjoy the best of its performance for your recipes.

Heat loss caused by unnecessary openings leads to wasted energy, as the oven spends even more to return to the right temperature.

#5 – Using the wrong cleaning products

For the cleaning operation of your oven, the most important thing is to carefully select the products you will use. Your preference should be given to cleaning products designed with natural elements. You should know that despite the claims to the contrary of the brands, chemicals can be harmful and corrosive, which alters the structure of your device, and can represent a relative danger.

White vinegar or baking soda allow the formation of a very effective paste to remove food residues without harming your device.

Are you looking for good expertise for the maintenance or repair of machines in Montreal? For your repair in Quebec, for repairs in Montreal, RéparationAPlus offers you its expertise. The installation of rapid diagnoses, and the intervention of our teams are accessible at preferential rates.


Why is my refrigerator making noise?

The refrigerator is a household appliance that helps enormously in the kitchen. It makes it possible to preserve food by guaranteeing it a longer duration. However, it can emit several normal noises or not. It can also be affected by many failures depending on the malfunction it has suffered. When the noises become incessant, it truly becomes an ordeal. The only alternative is to find a refrigerator repair service. Find out in this article why your fridge is noisy and the right solutions.

Is your fridge noisy? The different sounds

Refrigerators, there are several types including the built-in fridge, the portable fridge, the mini fridge. No matter what fridge you own, it can emit noises of various kinds. That is to say, completely normal noises that come from the operation of the fridge and noises due to a malfunction of one of the parts of the fridge. For noise emitted naturally by your fridge, these are:

  • buzzing sounds that come from the operation of the compressor;
  • whistling due to air circulation;
  • squeaks due to the defrost system;
  • vibrations from the piping of the cooling system;
  • bubbling from the refrigerant;
  • crackles due to the cooling system.

What are the causes of noise in your fridge?

The noise that your fridge is in poor condition can come from several sources. It can be a:

Compressor problem

Sometimes the inner valves of your refrigerator’s compressor wear out. At this time, the compressor becomes defective and has trouble circulating the gas. This failure of the compressor causes the excess frost which in turn will rub the turbine at the level of the fan hence the birth of the noise that is heard.

Positioning shelves

The incorrect positioning of the different shelves can also cause noise in your fridge. Indeed, it should be emphasized that when the compressor of the fridge is running and the shelves at their levels are not well fixed, it causes noise. Also, the regular and frequent movement of these shelves can make them unstable hence the noises.

Thermostat malfunction

Noise in your fridge can also come from a problem with the thermostat. When it is damaged, it creates the non-regulation of the temperature of the fridge. If the temperature of the fridge is not regulated, there is an accumulation of frost due to excess cold. The frost in contact with the fan turbine gives rise to the noise you hear in your fridge.

Several reasons such as the failure of the electronic board, the malfunction of the fans, or the light can also be the cause of the noise you hear in your fridge.

Solutions to stop the noise of your fridge

Several solutions are available to you once you have identified the causes of the noise of your refrigerator. At each difficulty, an adequate solution that will lighten the task enormously. To solve the problem with the compressor, consider changing it by asking for advice from an authorized technician. He will advise you on the quality of the device you will need.

As for the incorrect positioning of your shelves, make a check through which you will ensure their stability. The bins and shelves once back in the right position, you will see that the noise will stop. To avoid noise from the thermostat, you must first perform a check. This verification will consist of testing the continuity of the thermostat; once this is done if the thermostat is really damaged, replace it.

Who to call for appliance repair?

When you have, by your means, tried to regularize what is happening in your refrigerator and the noise persists, call a specialist in fridge repair. The latter will come to make his diagnosis and identify the real problem. You can also use a specialized company that offers several services, namely residential installation, Laval installation and home installation of your household appliances.

Apart from installation, it is also specialized in fridge or fridge repair, commercial repair and industrial repair. If you live in Montreal or Quebec, a Quebec City repair service or Montreal repair service is also available. You will undoubtedly be satisfied with these different services.


The Most Frequently Asked Questions About a Noisy Fridge

Noisy fridge

Why is my refrigerator making noise?

The noises emitted by a refrigerator can be disconcerting, but most of the time, they are normal. The most common noise is the hum of the compressor, which is responsible for cooling the device. However, it’s important to note that if this buzzing sound becomes particularly loud or irregular, it may indicate an underlying problem. Abnormal noises, such as squeaking, rattling, or crackling, can indicate potential problems. Causes can vary, including frost buildup, loose fixtures, or even a fan problem. To solve this problem, it is essential to correctly diagnose the source of the noise.

My fridge makes a rattling noise. What can I do?

Rattling noises are often the result of ice or frost building up in the freezer compartment. When ice melts and reforms, it can make rattling noises. To fix this, defrost the freezer regularly. If the noise persists, check that objects or food are not touching the fan blades. If that doesn’t solve the problem, it’s best to call in a repair professional.

My fridge makes a loud gurgling noise. Is this normal?

Gurgling noises are usually not normal and may indicate a problem in the refrigerant circulation system. This can be caused by fluid overload, leakage, compressor problem, or air build-up in the pipes. Gurgling sounds may indicate a need for maintenance. Be sure to have your refrigerator checked by a professional to diagnose and fix the underlying problem.

My fridge is making creaking noises. What does that mean?

Cracking noises usually come from the expansion and contraction of materials inside the refrigerator due to temperature variations. These noises are often harmless. However, if the cracks are frequent or particularly loud, it’s a good idea to check that your fridge is level. An imbalance can cause cracking noises. Also, make sure that the inner walls are not in contact with objects or food, as this can also cause noises.

My refrigerator is making an abnormal buzzing noise. How do I fix it?

Unusual buzzing can be due to several reasons. Make sure your refrigerator is level, as an imbalance can cause unwanted vibrations and buzzing noises. Also, check that nothing is in contact with the compressor or condenser coils, as this can also lead to annoying noises. If, despite these checks, the noise persists, it is advisable to consult a refrigerator repair professional. A humming noise may indicate a problem with the compressor or other internal components that require expertise to be repaired properly.

Buying new or used appliances: the pros and cons

The choice between a new appliance and a used appliance is the daily dilemma of households. Decision-making is all the more difficult since these two types of household appliances each have many advantages. So what to choose between a second-hand or new appliance store? Discover in this article the advantages of these types of devices in order to make a choice at your convenience.

Benefits of Buying from a Used Appliance Store

Just like new appliances, the purchase of used appliances also has many advantages in terms of quality, price and warranties.

Affordable prices for installation

The advantage of opting for used appliances is the ability to afford an almost new item at a reduced price. It is also this aspect that makes it special, because it can happen that your washing machine or your iron lets you go without warning. Under these conditions, it is sometimes impossible to afford a new device given the condition of the wallet. It is also possible to negotiate prices before buying them. Something that is certainly not possible on the other side. In some cases, after negotiation you pay twice as much for the used device you want to buy.

Almost new for less

Contrary to popular belief, second-hand appliances do not always mean poor quality. With the appearance of new household appliances, households tend to replace their models, even if they are not old. As a result, used household appliances are relatively new. The quality and condition of the articles are in the majority of cases convincing. As a result, the devices can always last over time. In addition, some sales stores do industrial background repairs before putting the devices on the market. So you are guaranteed to buy a quality product at a good price.

Recycling: an eco-responsible choice

Generally, used appliances end up in landfill. These devices are often abandoned due to moving, but the truth is that they release gases and toxic substances as chemical and metal components decompose. The purchase of second-hand appliances is therefore a useful choice that falls within the framework of nature protection. In addition, you benefit from legal protection when you buy from a merchant. This gives you the ability to change the purchased device in case of durability or quality defects. In the absence of an amicable settlement, the merchant must in this case reimburse the purchase costs. The legal protection also covers the merchant for possible hidden defects.

Advantages of getting a new appliance

The purchase of a new appliance has multiple advantages. First, sales stores offer warranties that cover a given period of time for all your purchases of new appliances. You can therefore exchange or repair the appliance at any time in case of problems without making new expenses. Moreover, the sales stores offer appliances from the major brands known for their quality. Thus, you will have the chance to choose a reliable brand that designs quality products. The advantage of buying new appliances is the certainty of acquiring items that have never been used.

The devices are of high standard with a long service life. Therefore, you are not likely to buy appliances anytime soon. The truth is that the quality of household appliances does not impact their prices. The prices are indeed affordable and within the reach of all budgets. There’s nothing better than buying quality appliances at an affordable price. In addition to this, the purchase of new appliances entitles you to a home installation service. The after-sales service and residential installation is in most cases free and therefore accessible to all.

Used washing machine


New or used appliances for a residential installation: our conclusions

Between new and used appliances, the choice ultimately depends on the will of the buyer. It is up to you to conduct a thorough analysis and weigh the pros and cons before making a choice. Either way, appliances break down over time. This is the time to call on an appliance repair specialist to solve the problem as quickly as possible. Speaking of specialists, APlus Repair offers quality services in Montreal. You can visit its website to learn more.

The company brings together technicians capable of making repairs to household appliances of all kinds and brands. Thus, for a refrigerator, dryer or oven repair, APlus Repair deploys its skills for an impeccable repair. Moreover, appliance repair is not limited only to Montreal, but also extends to Quebec or Laval. Installations and repairs of devices are done at home after a diagnosis.


FAQ: Everything you need to know about buying from a used vs. new appliance store

Household appliances

Is it safe to buy used appliances?

When it comes to buying used appliances, safety is a major concern for many buyers. In general, buying used appliances can be safe, as long as you take a few important precautions. First of all, it is essential to exercise caution by checking the condition of the device before purchase. Inspect the device carefully, look for signs of excessive wear or damage, and ask the seller for details about the device’s usage history. By doing your due diligence, you can minimize risk and buy with confidence.

Are new appliances more energy efficient?

Typically, new appliances are designed with more advanced and energy-efficient technologies. This means that they are often more energy-efficient than older or used models. Advances in technology allow new appliances to operate more efficiently, which can result in savings on your electricity bill in the long run. However, it is essential to check the specific energy label of each appliance to get a clear idea of its energy efficiency.

What is the average lifespan of used appliances?

The average lifespan of used appliances can vary greatly depending on several factors. The age of the device, its previous maintenance and the quality of the brand’s manufacture are key elements that affect longevity. On average, well-maintained, good-quality household appliances can often work reliably for many years, even if they are second-hand. To get a more accurate estimate of the lifespan of a specific device, it is recommended to research the model and brand in question.

Can I negotiate the price of a used appliance?

Yes, negotiation is often possible when buying used appliances. Used device sellers are usually open to discussing the price, especially if the device shows signs of wear or if you buy multiple devices at the same time. However, it is important to negotiate in a fair and respectful manner. Do some research beforehand to get a realistic idea of the value of the device on the used market, which will help you negotiate a fair price for both parties.

How can I find quality used appliances?

To find quality used appliances, it is essential to follow a few important steps. First, conduct extensive research online to identify models and brands that are known for their durability. Then, inspect the device in person before purchase, checking its overall condition and looking for any issues. Feel free to ask the seller questions about the age of the device, its usage history, and maintenance. By being diligent in your buying process, you increase your chances of finding high-quality used appliances.