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5 handy tips for the microwave

When it comes to fast-cooking or reheating food, it’s hard not to think about the microwave. The microwave is one of the most occurring household appliances in Canada. Starting from our daily lives, you need to know the basics of this machine.

Indeed, when your machine has a little problem, the first reflex may be to throw it away. And yet, that’s not what you have to think about! There are small glitches on your device that can be solved easily. So how do you deal with this appliance for your greatest happiness?

Here are five handy tips for the microwave.

Gently clean your microwave

It’s not just the dishes that need to be washed. You should also think about washing if not cleaning your microwave. Like any household appliance, a lack of cleaning can cause damage. In addition, your health is not immune to nuisance. Food cooked or warmed with a dirty microwave can welcome bacteria with open arms. These microorganisms can turn your meal into a source of disease. It is best to avoid such damage by regularly cleaning your microwave oven.

With each use, put a damp cloth inside the appliance to clean it. Cleaning removes food debris that has embedded in the corners and edges of the machine during cooking. It is advisable to refresh the interior of the appliance by heating a cup of water containing lemon slices for a few minutes.

Thaw frozen foods before cooking

Sometimes you may be tempted to cook the meat out of the freezer in one action. That is, “make a stone, for two strokes” by thawing the meat during cooking. Unfortunately, this is a practice to avoid absolutely. Indeed, thawing is one thing, cooking is another.


For the thawing of your food, opt for plastic bags made exclusively for this process in a microwave. Make sure you have completely thawed your food. Thawed food should no longer return to the freezer.

After thawing, go straight to cooking without further delay.


Once your food is completely thawed, you can cook. To do this, follow to the letter the cooking instructions of your recipe. You know you don’t have to leather everything in the microwave. For example, you should avoid cooking a turkey in your appliance in its entirety.

On the other hand, strictly respect the internal temperature of food, as households in Quebec do so well to prevent them from being a threat to your health.

Respect the natural capacity of your microwave

You have a lot to cook or reheat, but you don’t have much time. It’s only natural that the idea of putting everything in the microwave comes to mind. But don’t give in to this temptation!

Here, the ADMIRAL stove has a given capacity that should not be overexploited. The same is true of the DANBY oven. On the guide to the use of these appliances,clear and simple instructions are provided to facilitate their proper use. Also, please use small containers for your machine. This allows for better optimization of the device.

Also, be patient, keep calm in front of your appliance. If you have several foods to reheat or cook, go one by one.

The danger of not respecting the natural ability of the machine is that you decrease its lifespan.

Doing some troubleshooting yourself

Generally, the problems you may face while using your microwave are electronic. Sometimes the device’s problem can be related to a capacitor and it cannot start. You can unplug the device for about 30 minutes and then reconnect it. If the problem persists, you will need outside help.

Also, when the touchpad keys are struggling to work, you can do a little maintenance by you. Using a hairdryer,heat the touchpad that no longer works. With a little luck, you will regain control of the buttons of your appliance.

Assiduously reading your microwave’s usage guide could help you overcome some of the difficulties with how it works.

Call on professionals for repairs

Sometimes by mishandling or for various reasons, your microwave has broken down in general. You tried to do a home troubleshooting without success. Don’t panic! It’s probably not time to put it in the closet to buy a new one.

It is true that changing the parts of the machine is not easy. This can cost you the price of a new device. However, to avoid certain expenses and especially in the name of protecting the environment, it must always be tried to repair it. There are professionalslike Repair APlusfor this purpose. No brand of microwaves outperforms them. Besides, they are very comfortable with the best brands like:

  • West Land;
  • Ge;
  • Maytag;
  • Neptune;

Moreover, don’t hesitate to contact this company that is based in Montreal when you feel the need.

5 handy tips for the microwave