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When to clean the dryer duct?

During operation, the dryer captures textile fibers via its filter. These are derived from clothing. In the long term, a very small part of lint passes through the filter to settle in the duct of the device. From there, the latter loses in yield. It then becomes essential to clean this duct. APlus Repair tells you how often to clean your dryer duct.

Dryer duct cleaning frequency

For an appliance maintenance professional, it is essential to clean ventilation ducts from time to time. In the case of the dryer duct, it must be cleaned every 3 to 5 years. Of course, this frequency depends on the level of solicitation of the device, but also on the number of residents in the house.

Indeed, if you live alone, your filter will be less solicited. On the other hand, if you live as a family with children and animals, the amount of lint that will settle in the duct of the appliance will be enormous. You will then be forced to clean the duct of your dryer every 2 to 3 years. Otherwise, the machine will lose efficiency and you will spend energy unnecessarily.

Some reasons to clean the dryer duct

In addition to maintaining the performance of the device at a good level, cleaning its duct has many advantages.

Extending dryer life

When lint clogs the lead of a dryer, it takes longer for clothes to dry. The device is then solicited over a long time. Its components heat up and damage rather than expected. On the other hand, frequent cleaning of the duct accelerates drying episodes and allows the device to rest.

Reduced risk of fire

While the dryer is running, there is heat that is applied to the pipes concealed in the walls. The latter contain a significant amount of highly flammable fabric softener. However, the more lint there is in the duct of the device, the more time and heat it takes to dry clothes.

More savings

By regularly cleaning the duct of the appliance, you reduce its decrease in performance. The dryer will not consume too much energy. Your electricity bill will not increase. This is very useful in these times of rising energy prices.

How to maintain the duct of a dryer?

For the complete maintenance of the dryer or its duct specifically, you have two options.

Do it yourself

After each episode of using the dryer, clean the lint basket. This will improve the performance of the device as the filter will no longer face resistance elements. In the cavity where the filter is laid out, there are often deposits of lint. Remove the filter, then clean it and the cavity. Make sure the duct is perfectly straight. If it is stuck or crushed, the airflow is reduced. The performance of the device decreases.

Entrust the cleaning to a professional

A professional like APlus Repair specializing in the maintenance and installation of household appliances has the tools and know-how to clean a dryer duct. He cleans from the outside.

We use appropriate tools such as the rotary nozzle as well as the industrial compressor to provide you with an impeccable result. The nozzle blows the clumps of fibers outwards. The entire duct is 100% free of lint that is out of the dryer.

Unlike a sweeper, a rotary nozzle is particularly designed for duct cleaning. If you use a sweeper yourself, it could pierce the duct. Its replacement will then be necessary.

If you live in Montreal, West Island, Laval or the surrounding area and your dryer has lost its performance, call on our services. Our many years of experience are for us a guarantee of efficiency.

What are common problems with dryer operation?

Like any appliance, the dryer can start showing signs of failure overnight. While some signs are manageable, others are less so. So, it is worth knowing the recurring problems encountered on dryers. Thus, you can remedy them easily or better, prevent them.

Some problems encountered on dryers

Several malfunctions can be observed on a dryer.

Dryer does not turn on anymore

When the dryer you usually use suddenly refuses to turn on, don’t panic. The first thing you need to do is check if this device is properly connected to the mains. If this is the case and the device still won’t turn on, then the problem is at its level.

Generally, it is the thermal fuses that are to blame because of their failure. You can use the data sheet that comes with the appliance to replace them properly.

If, despite replacing these components, the dryer still does not turn on, it is preferable to involve APlus Repair. We are experts in appliance repair and installation.

Dryer that no longer heats up

There’s no reason to panic when your dryer stops heating up. First, check if the settings at the appliance level are well done. Indeed, on most dryers, the settings that allow the device to produce heat are curiously prone to change on their own.

In case all settings are normal and the device still does not produce heat, check if the electric starter is working well. Unfortunately, this component of the dryer is still not easy to access. Your only option is to call a technician who specializes in appliance troubleshooting. If you are in Montreal or its surroundings, APlus Repair will put one of its technicians at your disposal.

Dryer that burns clothes

Sometimes the dryer burns a garment. If you notice such a situation, do not take the risk of turning the device back on. It could cause more serious damage. There are several reasons for this. The ideal is to inform a professional in repair and installation of household appliances. He will be able to reveal exactly the source of the problem.

Dryer that turns off after a short time

Sometimes the dryer suddenly stops working. This is usually caused by:

  • The thermostat;
  • The thermal fuse;
  • Thermal resistance;

To make sure these components of the device are working as they should, use a voltmeter. If one of them fails, it will have to be replaced by yourself or by a professional. In the event that these components are perfectly functional, an expert is the only one who gives you the cause of the malfunction of the device.

Absence of sound although the drum turns

There are many reasons why no sound is produced even as the dryer drum rotates. The first reason is the malfunction of the fuse. This one can be broken. Thus, it will prevent the production of heat in the device.

Pull the fuse from the device and check if it is in good condition or not. If inside its wires are broken, then it will not work. It will have to be replaced by one that is similar. On the other hand, if the fuse wires are intact, the problem is either at the thermostat or at the level of the pipe valve.

Appliance repair: why trust APlus Repair?

With many years of experience, APlus Repair offers its customers a warranty on any appliance repair that the company performs. This guarantee that we offer you is proof that we are confirmed experts in our sector both in Laval and Montreal. Whether it’s a breakdown of your dryer or dishwasher, either can work again if you entrust us with the repair.

Tips for properly installing a built-in oven

Have you just bought the built-in oven you’ve been craving for a while? Now it will have to be installed. The installation of a built-in oven is not easy, because it is not enough to put it in the kitchen furniture. How to choose the right location of the device? There are many tricks to use for this oven installation. At APlus Repair, we guide you by showing you all the tricks.

Unpack the oven well

Like all new appliances, your built-in oven was sold to you in a box. Therefore, the first step in the installation of this household appliance is its removal from the box. Avoid tearing it when opening it. Indeed, in case the oven does not work, you will be forced to return it to the seller in the same box in good condition.

The ideal is that you get help when removing the device from the box. Then remove the accessories carefully, as some of them are very fragile.

Test the built-in oven

Although new, your built-in oven may malfunction. Therefore, it is essential to check it before installing it. For the test, plug the device into the mains if it is an electric model. If it is a gas oven, connect it with a temporary gas hose. The goal is to ensure that each mode of operation does not suffer from any problems. It is essential that the oven has a high level of safety.

Find a location for the oven

The device must be installed in a suitable location. There are two options available to you.


The manufacturer of the fitted kitchen has surely provided a place for the installation of oven. It can be a column or anything else. The installation of built-in oven in this case is not complicated at all. Generally, the location provided for the oven is in the same alignment as the worktop and close to the hob.

Classic cuisine

The location of the oven will depend on how much space your kitchen offers for it. Install the device near any of the following:

  • A tableware storage unit;
  • A hob;
  • An electricity/gas sector.

Whatever happens, this household appliance should not be installed near the refrigerator. Indeed, the latter will be disturbed in its operation by the heat that the furnace will produce. Your power consumption will increase unnecessarily.

Connection of the furnace

Long before you recessed the device, you need to be sure of how you are going to connect it to either gas or power.

Electrical connection

For the electrical connection of the oven, you will need to have rigid electrical wires of section 2.5 mm2. It is essential that this household appliance has its own electrical circuit. The latter is ideally connected to a 20 A magnetothermic circuit breaker. In case you fail it, use a fuse holder. Before proceeding with electrical work, take care to turn off the electricity. Once the connection is complete, carry out another test of the device before flush-mounting.

Gas connection

Connecting a gas oven is a task to be carried out thoroughly. Indeed, whether it is butane or propane, these hydrocarbons are dangerous. The ideal is that you use a flexible stainless steel hose. This must have mechanical connections. This is the type of hose we use at APlus Repair to install built-in ovens at our customers’ premises. However, you can use an elastomeric hose.

Whether it is one or the other of these two pipes, they must be NF D 36-121 and NFD 36-125. The first concerns butane and propane from the system. The second concerns propane and butane in cylinders or tanks.

Built-in oven

After making the connection and the various tests, check if there is not a smell of gas in the air in the case of a gas oven. If everything goes well both in terms of connection and operating modes, you can recessed the device.

With delicacy and with the help of a third party, slide the oven into the space reserved for this purpose. While you slide the device into its “chamber,” pull the electrical cable or gas connection back. Neither the electric wire nor the hose should be in contact with the heating parts of the oven.

Open the door of the appliance and you will find two small holes that are used to attach the built-in oven to the cabinet. Use two screws that came with the device to make a solid attachment. To slide a built-in oven into a column, arrange it on a folding workbench. This will allow you to gently slide it into this location without risking shocks that are often harmful to the oven.

In short, if you can’t, call on our company: APlus Repair.

Tips for properly installing a refrigerator in a kitchen

The presence of a refrigerator in a kitchen is nothing extraordinary. And yet, its installation in this room that occupies the position of the most important in a house is not easy. Indeed, to successfully install a refrigerator in a kitchen, several elements must be taken into account. APlus Repair presents some tips to properly install a fridge in a kitchen.

Check the climate class of the fridge

The climate class refers to the external temperature range that promotes the normal operation of the fridge. This indication should not be confused with the energy class. A class N refrigerator works as it should if the external temperature is between 16 and 32 ° C. This is actually the average temperature in housing.

If your home has an above-average internal temperature (+10 to +32°C), it is best to choose an SN class (extended temperate) refrigerator. Subtropical (ST) class models of this household appliance are suitable for houses that are built in a singularly warm region (+18 to + 38 °C). If you live in such a region, you can install in your kitchen, a tropical-class fridge (T). It is suitable for homes with internal temperatures that are +18 to +43°C above average. There are also models that work well in room temperature of 10 to 43 ° C.

Choosing the right location of the fridge in the kitchen

Whirlpool Refrigerator

Specialist in the repair of household appliances, APlus Repair always advises its customers to install their refrigerators near the worktop in the kitchen. Our technicians also insist on the fact that this equipment must be installed as far as possible (at least 40 cm) from heat sources (ovens, hobs, fireplaces, etc.).

Indeed, if the fridge is too close to one of these heat sources, there will be a heat transfer between it and the refrigerator. The latter will consume electricity to turn, but will not be efficient. However, sometimes one of these heat sources is integrated against the fridge. In this case, consider installing a thermal insulation panel between them.

Finally, for safety reasons, it is not recommended to install the refrigerator close to the sink.

Choosing the right type of installation

When installing refrigerators, you have the choice between free installation and integrated installation.

Free pose

To install a freestanding fridge in your kitchen, the professional leaves at least 5 cm on each side of the appliance. It also leaves space (more than 5 cm) between the wall and the refrigerator at its back. Thus, the heat that the device releases can easily circulate.

In addition, between the upper face of the fridge and the ceiling, a distance of 10 cm is left. It is the same if instead of the ceiling, there is a piece of furniture. To be sure to have respected these distances, you can opt for a refrigerator equipped with spacers. These are installed on the back of the device so that the one who installs the device is sure to have the ideal spacing between the capacitor and the wall.

Integrated installation

It only concerns integrable refrigerators. Indeed, the latter are designed in such a way that they can be embedded in a special box. This offers an additional 5 cm of space on each side of the device and also on its back. At the bottom of the box and more precisely at its front, there is ventilation. There are also some at the top and more precisely at the back of the box. This aeration allows the heat extracted from the refrigerator to be evacuated.

The cabinet in which the fridge is to be integrated must be 60 cm wide. However, some furniture may have different widths than this one. So to properly install the refrigerator, it is recommended to calculate the internal volume (depth × height × width) of the box to know if it will be able to properly accommodate the fridge. The device is accompanied by instructions for mounting the door. The latter can be of a zippered or hinged model.

Finally, regardless of the model, it is necessary that when installing refrigerator, it must be arranged between two pieces of furniture or installed in a corner against the wall. Its door must be able to open enough so that anyone can easily remove the freezer drawers and crispers.

How to replace a kitchen hood?

The replacement of a kitchen hood is done in different stages. For this purpose, you need to call on an appliance specialist to have a job well done. If you live in the montreal area, APlus Repair is a company of professionals who can be entrusted with this task. However, it is possible to consider mounting the device yourself. In this regard, you need to consider some important details. Here is the procedure to change a kitchen hood.

The choice of location

Before replacing a kitchen hood, it is essential to determine its location. This device can indeed be installed on the wall or above an island of kitchens. In this case, it will be necessary to opt respectively for a wall hood and a ceiling hood still called island hood. In addition, your appliance specialist, APlus Repair can also install it under a kitchen cupboard. It will then be necessary to replace the old machine with a sub-built-in hood.

Some people may prefer to put their appliance inside a kitchen cupboard. In this case, we can set up:

  • a built-in hood;
  • an integrated hood or;
  • a drawer hood.

After determining the location of the device, now it is necessary to choose the right size of the device for the kitchen.

Determine the size of the hood

To determine the dimensions of your new appliance, it’s important to consider where to put it and the size of the current stove. If the hood is to be installed in a closet in the kitchen, then it is necessary to remove the old appliance and take the dimensions of the niche.

On the other hand, if the closet that is nearby has the same dimensions, it is possible to take its measurements instead. In order for the device to collect all the cooking vapors, it is essential to choose an extractor hood with a size adapted to that of the current stove. The size of the appliance should be the same or should be slightly larger than that of the stove or hob.

The evacuation system

Before replacing the kitchen hood, you should make sure to choose the machine according to the evacuation system of your home. There are generally three types of systems:

  • the exhaust air system;
  • the recycling system;
  • the central suction system.

For all people who have the first or second evacuation system in their home, we recommend an extractor hood with motor. Those with a central suction system will need a machine without a motor instead.

Consider the power and noise of the device

The suction power of the household appliance and the noise it emits are very important criteria for choosing a good machine. A hood with a low noise level usually means that your device will be less exhaust. This does not mean that you should prefer a machine that makes too much noise. On the contrary, it must be silent. The ideal is to install an extractor hood with a noise level less than or equal to 65 dB. In order to find the best machine for your kitchen, we recommend that you first determine the suction capacity you need. You will find the perfect appliance for your kitchen.

Remove the old kitchen hood

Once you have obtained your new machine, you must now remove the old one in order to install the new one. The best option is to contact a professional company in the field like APlus Repair. Our team will be able to remove it safely. For people who wish to do it on their own, we advise that they turn off the device first. Then they will have to remove the chimney, if there is one. After that, remove the plug from the outlet. It will be necessary after that to remove the filters and then the screws of the extractor hood. During handling, it is essential to hold the device well so that it does not fall.

Install the new device

For any kitchen hood installation, we have been experts in the field for several years. Our company APlus Repair is actually specialized in the repair and installation of all types of household appliances. So you can entrust us with the replacement of your kitchen device without worrying about the hassle associated with it. Whatever its brand and model, we will do a remarkable job. However, if you plan to install your new extractor hood yourself, we advise you to follow the guide to properly mount your device.

Who can install your kitchen hood?

A kitchen hood is a household appliance used to suck and evacuate cooking fumes from a kitchen. It generally exists according to two models, namely the recycling extractor hood and the extraction extractor hood. Depending on the model, the work to install it may be different as well as the skills required. Who can therefore ensure correctly, in compliance with safety standards, the installation of your kitchen hood? We invite you to find the solution to this question in our article.

The ideal professional for the installation of your range hood

To install a kitchen hood, you can request the services of a professional kitchen designer. Whether it’s installation, fastening or connections, this expert has the attributes and the necessary equipment to ensure you have an excellent job. However, be aware that the recycling extractor hood model does not require special operations for its installation. The only intervention required is to install and fix the device on a wall or ceiling. If you are a handyman, then you can personally take care of the installation of this type of kitchen hood.

kitchen hood

On the other hand, the extraction extractor hood presents a complexity in its installation procedure. By way of illustration, it requires the creation of an exhaust vent, which is not the case with the recycling model. To guarantee a quality and optimal installation of your kitchen hood, we recommend that you call on the expertise of a qualified kitchen designer. This is best suited for installation, fastening, electrical connection and all other operations related to the installation of kitchen hoods. Note that thanks to his training, he is better able to intervene in your kitchen while respecting the safety rules in force.

The procedure for installing a kitchen hood

To install your kitchen hood, the professional kitchen designer you have used must follow certain steps.

The first phase consists of delimiting the location where this household appliance will be installed. This can be the kitchen wall or the ceiling.

Then, he proceeds to the installation and then the fixing of the hood to the defined place. Once the machine is fixed, the craftsman makes the connection of it to the exhaust vent. In the event that this output does not yet exist, it will be necessary to create it before starting the installation.

In the end comes the last step of the installation that is the electrical connection of the kitchen hood. Be aware that, like any intervention, the specialist must carry out after all these tasks, checks to ensure the perfect installation of the device and its proper functioning.

The essential elements for the development of a kitchen hood installation quote

The installation quote of a kitchen hood is a document that details the service and the cost of the professional’s intervention. And it is important to ask your installer so as not to get scammed. To establish it, the kitchen designer takes into account certain elements. These include:

  • the shape (built-in, independent, wall-mounted or ceiling-mounted) of the kitchen hood;
  • the existence or not of an old hood (to be removed before installing the new one);
  • the obligation or not to make a duct and an evacuation vent vent outside;
  • the need or not to put outside the kitchen, the engine of the hood.

It also considers the existence or not of equipment specific to the kitchen appliance to be installed. Note that taking into account all these aspects, the cost of the quote can be on average between 100 € and 250 €.

In summary, installing a kitchen hood requires certain skills. Delegating the operations of your installation is the best option, even if you are a DIY enthusiast. This also guarantees that you will obtain an impeccable result.

However, you must entrust the installation of your kitchen hood to a professional in the field to ensure that you benefit from a job free of any suspicion. Apart from the organization from which you bought the machine, you can call on a first-class kitchen designer.

If you are in the greater Montreal area, APlus Repair is your best asset. In fact, we are the team of specialists you need. We have the complete expertise for the installation, maintenance and repair of your household appliances, whatever the brand. Whether the intervention is in a residential, commercial or industrial environment, we have the right tools to meet all your needs. Do not hesitate to contact us!


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Kitchen Hood Installation: Everything You Need to Know

Extractor hood installation

Why do I need a range hood?

A range hood is essential for removing odours, smoke and grease generated during cooking. It helps maintain the air quality inside your home, prevent greasy residue buildup on surfaces, and improve safety by removing potentially flammable vapors.

Installing a range hood is a complex task that requires specific skills to ensure that it works properly. Calling in a professional is the best option for a correct installation.

What are the advantages of hiring a professional for the installation of my range hood?

Hiring a professional for the installation of your range hood has many advantages. First, an experienced installer has the skills to choose the optimal location, ensure adequate ventilation, and ensure that the hood is properly secured. In addition, it ensures that your hood will comply with current safety standards. Finally, a professional can advise you on the choice of the hood best suited to your kitchen.

How to choose the right kitchen hood installer?

To choose the right range hood installer, look for a qualified and experienced professional. Make sure they have the necessary licenses and certifications. Ask for references and check out reviews from previous customers. Make sure the installer is familiar with the type of hood you’ve chosen and can guarantee quality work.

How much does it cost to install a range hood by a professional?

The cost of having a range hood installed by a professional can vary depending on several factors, including the type of hood, the complexity of the installation, the geographic region, and the professional you hire. On average, the cost is between €200 and €500, but it can be higher for complex installations.

When should you have a kitchen hood installed?

Ideally, a range hood should be installed when designing your kitchen or when renovating. However, if you already have a kitchen without a hood, it is recommended that you have a hood installed as soon as possible to improve the air quality inside your home and ensure safety when cooking.

Should you replace or repair your washer?

Your washer no longer spins or empties. Its control panel no longer works. His drum no longer turns… Is it wise to have it repaired or simply to change it? To answer this question, several other aspects of the operation of the machine would have to be considered. To help you take the best solution, here are some tips for you based on frequent cases.

The washer no longer empties

Just like any household appliance, when a washer no longer empties, there are several reasons for this. In the first place, your washer could get dirty. In this case, it is the filters and the drain pipe that are clogged. This state of affairs is the basis for blocking the passage of washing water. All you have to do is clean them for your machine to resume its normal cycle. It is therefore not necessary to carry out a replacement.

Secondly, if the pump is defective, your washer will no longer be able to empty. To check this, one must check its electrical resistance using a specialized tool called ohmmeter. The use of this device requires some knowledge of electricity. It is then necessary to contact an expert in washer repair to proceed with the verification. Be aware that the pump can be repaired even after 10 years of use.

The third fact that could cause this failure is the faulty condition of the washer control panel. Just like the pump, you can attach the services of a specialist to get it back in working order.

The washer drum no longer rotates

The first hypothesis to check if the drum of your washer no longer rotates is that of the broken belt. You can manually rotate the drum to see if it has resistance. If this is not the case, then the belt is broken and you need to proceed with its replacement.

On the other hand, it can be just out of its axis. In this situation, you just have to reposition it for the drum to resume its rotation. Another explanation we can give to a drum that no longer rotates is that the bearings are in poor condition. It happens that the bearings are rusted and therefore are blocked.

To find out, disassemble the back panel of the washer. In the event that the bearings have leaked, observe their flow. You will notice traces or a trail of rust. In these situations, they must be changed. However, it is rare to be able to perform only the replacement of this part. The best solution is then to replace the transmission, when it comes to a top-loading washer. On the other hand, if it is a front washer, it is the tank that is usually changed.

Besides that, if the motor of your washer is in poor condition, the drum will not start moving. We advise you to have it repaired even after 7 years of use, but beyond 10 years, it is essential to change it.

A fourth justification we can give for this failure is that the washer’s electronic board is toasted. To ensure the veracity of this hypothesis, it is just necessary to use the ohmmeter for a control of the resistance of the board. If it is verified, then it is possible to have it repaired.

The washer flows

Your washer can start to leak because of at least three factors. These include:

  • an unscrewed water inlet pipe or a clogged or pierced part;
  • a damaged gasket;
  • rusty bearings.

In the first case, you just need to control and adjust the water inlet and outlet systems (siphon and pipe). You can also change the pierced part, if necessary. As for the deteriorated seal, you will just need to replace it so that the washer stops flowing. Rusty bearings are also to be changed depending on the type of washer as we had to explain above.

In addition, prefer a repair to a change, if it is a question of repairing minor breakages on a washer less than 10 years old. However, the cost of this repair and labor must be less than $300.

No matter what situation you encounter with your device, we inform you that we are available to offer you a better service. In other words, APlus Repair is specialized for any intervention on any brand of household appliances. We can also help you with washer installation operations.


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How do you know if your refrigerator needs to be replaced?

Owning a refrigerator in poor condition can lead to health problems and increase the cost of the electricity bill. Therefore, it becomes important to think about buying a new one in order to keep all your food cool. In reality, a malfunctioning cooler can also damage your food. We can help you know when to replace your home’s fridge . In this article, you will have more.

Spot traces of wear on your device

One of the ways to know that a refrigerator needs to be replaced is traces of wear. Over the years, when you use your appliance, it gradually deteriorates. During use, an excess of frost in the cooler means that it is not working properly. In this case, we advise to carry out defrosting regularly. In case the problem persists, then we can intervene to repair your refrigerator. On the other hand, a replacement of the device would also be possible.

In addition, when the rubber seal on the door comes off when opened, it is also a sign that the fridge is spoiling at first. The presence of drops of water on the floor or on the walls of the cooler is another indication that it is time to replace or restore it.

One of the specialists present in Montreal who must be contacted for this kind of work is Aplus Repair. We repair all your appliances, whether it’s a washer, dryer or freezer. We have to our credit a large number of customers who have been satisfied with our services. You too, make the right choice and contact us as soon as you notice a trace of wear on your refrigeration unit.

Pay attention to noise and heat from the refrigerator

A fridge that makes a lot of noise or emits too much heat is no longer in good condition. It is normal for a refrigerator to be hot since it is an electrical appliance, but in the circumstance where this heat becomes intense, then there is a problem.

In the same way, there is nothing abnormal when the motor of a cooler emits slight sounds when it is running. However, a noise that is too deafening, to the point of causing you sound discomfort, does not bode well. In these circumstances, you have two options. Either you change the appliance by buying a new one, or you call on our services so that we can provide a solution to your problem.

When the walls of your preservative burn your hand when you touch them, it’s time to think about replacing it. We can help detect engine failure with our appliance repairexperts who have received recognized training. Whatever the brand of your device, our professionals will know how to overcome it. In addition, all the equipment used for its refurbishment comes straight from the manufacturers. Making our customers a priority, we meet all types of needs.

Some solutions to take care of your refrigerator

In order to make use of your fridge and enjoy it, the professionals at
Aplus Repair
can properly maintain any household appliance. If you have just purchased one, we can also proceed with its installation. When the device is set up, it is necessary to limit its opening as much as possible and remember to defrost it regularly.

On the other hand, it is necessary to avoid putting hot meals inside the cooler. When you’re not finishing your plate and want to cool it for later, it’s best to wait for the food to cool down first.

Otherwise, the temperature inside the fridge will increase and the heat will cause gradual condensation. It is also important not to overload the device or bring it closer to a strong heat source.

Of course, for the refrigerator to have a long life, it must be dusted and cleaned often. Specialists in the repair and installation of household appliances, we remain accessible for any maintenance advice on your appliances. We are based in Montreal and we also operate in the Laval sector and its surroundings.

Now you know when your refrigerator needs to be replaced. However, our repairers could allow you to enjoy the fridge for a few more years before sending it to oblivion. In case of problems with your appliance, we will be happy to help you.


To learn more about the different appliance repair companies, we invite you to consult the catalog:

Why does the washer no longer empty?

Household appliances are essentially manufactured to make life easier for humans. Among these devices is the washer. The latter is regularly the subject of several different breakdowns. But the malfunction of the drainage system is the most recurrent failure. This problem is most reported to the washer breakdown service. However, the repair of such a device has a cost. It is therefore important to know the causes of this failure in order to prevent it. Discover these causes here.

The reasons for poor drainage in the washing machine

There are several reasons why your washer no longer empties. We will mention a few here.

Poorly closed lid

Recent generations of washers are equipped with a certain technology that makes them smarter and smarter. This reduces the risk of accidents related to the use of these devices.

This is because the device can tell if its lid is closed or not. If it is not hermetically closed and in the way it should be, the washer considers that it is always open. Therefore, it will not work normally. Faced with a drainage failure, you must first check if the lid is indeed closed. If the breakdown is not at this level, call on the Admiral Montreal repair specialist.

High amount of foam

If there is too much foam in the washing machine, there is a good chance that it will not be able to empty. At the origin of this high amount of foam, there is the amount of detergent as well as the nature of the water. Indeed, highly soft water induces a lot of foam. The latter is dangerous for laundry spinning and water drainage. In other words, avoid abusing the detergent when you put your clothes to wash in the washer. It is recommended to use a liquid cleaner rather than a hard soap. So that this precaution is taken, the problem persists, call a washer repair expert.

Filter blocked

Among the components of the washer is the pump equipped with a filter. The function of the latter is to prevent objects from reaching the plumbing network through the drain pipe. Sometimes the filters are clogged. Generally, the objects behind this block are buttons and silver coins.

A blocked filter is of course an obstacle to the water that must circulate to reach the drain pipe. This situation also imbalances the loading cycles. All this together causes an amana washer problem in the drainage system.

If the failure is because the filter is blocked, try to access it. Then, remove the various elements that have attached to it or that obstruct it. If you can’t do this, call a professional appliance repairer.

Damaged drain pipe

The malfunction of your washer may be at the level of the drain pipe. Sometimes it is clogged, compressed or folded. In such a situation, the circulation of water is prevented. In case of failure in the hose, it is better to proceed with its replacement. APLUS REPAIR always has in stock the component you need to restore your washer to normal working order. We are specialists in Montreal washer repair.

Malfunction of the exhaust pump

Sometimes a tiny object or even laundry paralyzes the propellers of the pump. It is also possible that the pump is simply out of order. We do not advise you to repair it by yourself. Indeed, you could hurt yourself while trying. It is better to use the services of our appliance repair technicians.

Solenoid valve

Obstruction of the solenoid valve can also be the cause of poor drainage in your washer. Failure of this machine component can also create the same problem. In the event of a failure, the water inlet valve remains substantially half-closed. Therefore, it allows the liquid to infiltrate. You will have proof of this by noticing that the laundry at the bottom of the tank is wet unlike the rest.

Why not use APlus Repair?

It is good to know the different causes of poor drainage in your washer. It is even better to be able to get rid of these problems. Some failures can be easy to solve on your own. Others will require the intervention of a professional.

APlus Repair is a company specializing in the troubleshooting of household appliances in Montreal. For any malfunction found in your washer, check the origin of the failure. If you cannot repair the machine, use our services.

Our company also intervenes for the repair furnace. We use an excellent product to clean the oven. This oven cleaner is of course ecological and does not leave an odor in the machine. In addition, if your dryer no longer dries or if the dryer no longer heats up we will intervene on your request for a dryer repair.

APlus Repair is also many other services including refrigerator repair and kitchen hood repair. If you live in Montreal and need a dishwasher repairer or an ice maker repairer, contact us. We will satisfy you with professionalism.

Why does the refrigerator no longer work?

To properly preserve food, it is necessary to have a number of household appliances. Among the latter is the refrigerator. The usefulness of this device is so important that when it stops working, it brings disorganization in lifestyle habits. It must therefore be repaired as soon as possible. For this, it is essential to know the causes of refrigerator malfunction.

The causes of a malfunction of the fridge

At the root of the malfunction of a refrigerator are usually 4 causes. Depending on each cause, the device no longer turns on at all or it no longer provides the desired result.

Total shutdown of the fridge

The first cause to look for this problem is at the branching level. Often, if you have not properly connected the electrical cable to the mains, the fridge no longer works.

It will first be necessary to reconnect the cable to the socket and try to turn on the device again. If the fridge still won’t turn on, change the outlet or cable. There is a good chance that the problem will be solved in this way.

However, it happens that at the root of this total shutdown of your device is the obsolescence of the device. Or, it is simply defective. In either case, the solution to your problem is replacing the device.

Fridge too cold

The common cause of this problem is to be found in the internal thermometer of the device. In this case, you need to set it to the right temperature.

The second probable cause of the failure is frost. Therefore, you need to defrost the refrigerator.

Sometimes there is a wrong positioning of the probe. Therefore, it does not indicate the exact internal temperature of the device. This forces the cold circuit to work more intensely in order to compensate for the fictitious deficit of cold.

It may happen that none of these three causes are at the root of this failure. In this case, you need to use the service of a refrigerator repair technician. It will detect the cause of the failure and proceed to its resolution.

The fridge no longer cools

If your refrigerator no longer cools, be aware that there are several possible explanations for this. Indeed, several elements can prevent the production of cold in the device. Check if the internal thermometer is not out of order. If so, simply set it or replace it.

The other probable and recurrent factor is that related to the circulation of the refrigerant gas of the device. Often, it happens that this circuit is damaged or congested. It will be necessary to use the services of a professional in appliance repair specialized in cold and air conditioning issues.

The fridge disconnects the meter

Has your electricity meter already disconnected after you plug in the fridge? If so, the likely cause of this problem is the presence of a short circuit on your power grid. This can also be explained by the fact that the grounding is not done.

Faced with such a breakdown, you are forced to call in an electrician. It will research the power grid in order to detect the exact cause of the problem and solve it.

Call on an appliance repair professional like APlus Repair

The operation of a refrigerator is special. Indeed, it appeals to several laws of physics. The balance between these laws ensures its proper functioning. When this device starts by malfunctioning, it is necessary to call a repair technician ice maker or fridge. Never try to fix it yourself. This will prevent you from aggravating the breakdown.

To resolve the failure of your fridge, contact the company APlus Repair. Our company’s technicians visit several intervention sites every day to repair all types of appliances.

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