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Buying new or used appliances: the pros and cons

The choice between a new appliance and a used appliance is the daily dilemma of households. Decision-making is all the more difficult since these two types of household appliances each have many advantages. So what to choose between a second-hand or new appliance store? Discover in this article the advantages of these types of devices in order to make a choice at your convenience.

Benefits of Buying from a Used Appliance Store

Just like new appliances, the purchase of used appliances also has many advantages in terms of quality, price and warranties.

Affordable prices for installation

The advantage of opting for used appliances is the ability to afford an almost new item at a reduced price. It is also this aspect that makes it special, because it can happen that your washing machine or your iron lets you go without warning. Under these conditions, it is sometimes impossible to afford a new device given the condition of the wallet. It is also possible to negotiate prices before buying them. Something that is certainly not possible on the other side. In some cases, after negotiation you pay twice as much for the used device you want to buy.

Almost new for less

Contrary to popular belief, second-hand appliances do not always mean poor quality. With the appearance of new household appliances, households tend to replace their models, even if they are not old. As a result, used household appliances are relatively new. The quality and condition of the articles are in the majority of cases convincing. As a result, the devices can always last over time. In addition, some sales stores do industrial background repairs before putting the devices on the market. So you are guaranteed to buy a quality product at a good price.

Recycling: an eco-responsible choice

Generally, used appliances end up in landfill. These devices are often abandoned due to moving, but the truth is that they release gases and toxic substances as chemical and metal components decompose. The purchase of second-hand appliances is therefore a useful choice that falls within the framework of nature protection. In addition, you benefit from legal protection when you buy from a merchant. This gives you the ability to change the purchased device in case of durability or quality defects. In the absence of an amicable settlement, the merchant must in this case reimburse the purchase costs. The legal protection also covers the merchant for possible hidden defects.

Advantages of getting a new appliance

The purchase of a new appliance has multiple advantages. First, sales stores offer warranties that cover a given period of time for all your purchases of new appliances. You can therefore exchange or repair the appliance at any time in case of problems without making new expenses. Moreover, the sales stores offer appliances from the major brands known for their quality. Thus, you will have the chance to choose a reliable brand that designs quality products. The advantage of buying new appliances is the certainty of acquiring items that have never been used.

The devices are of high standard with a long service life. Therefore, you are not likely to buy appliances anytime soon. The truth is that the quality of household appliances does not impact their prices. The prices are indeed affordable and within the reach of all budgets. There’s nothing better than buying quality appliances at an affordable price. In addition to this, the purchase of new appliances entitles you to a home installation service. The after-sales service and residential installation is in most cases free and therefore accessible to all.

Used washing machine


New or used appliances for a residential installation: our conclusions

Between new and used appliances, the choice ultimately depends on the will of the buyer. It is up to you to conduct a thorough analysis and weigh the pros and cons before making a choice. Either way, appliances break down over time. This is the time to call on an appliance repair specialist to solve the problem as quickly as possible. Speaking of specialists, APlus Repair offers quality services in Montreal. You can visit its website to learn more.

The company brings together technicians capable of making repairs to household appliances of all kinds and brands. Thus, for a refrigerator, dryer or oven repair, APlus Repair deploys its skills for an impeccable repair. Moreover, appliance repair is not limited only to Montreal, but also extends to Quebec or Laval. Installations and repairs of devices are done at home after a diagnosis.


FAQ: Everything you need to know about buying from a used vs. new appliance store

Household appliances

Is it safe to buy used appliances?

When it comes to buying used appliances, safety is a major concern for many buyers. In general, buying used appliances can be safe, as long as you take a few important precautions. First of all, it is essential to exercise caution by checking the condition of the device before purchase. Inspect the device carefully, look for signs of excessive wear or damage, and ask the seller for details about the device’s usage history. By doing your due diligence, you can minimize risk and buy with confidence.

Are new appliances more energy efficient?

Typically, new appliances are designed with more advanced and energy-efficient technologies. This means that they are often more energy-efficient than older or used models. Advances in technology allow new appliances to operate more efficiently, which can result in savings on your electricity bill in the long run. However, it is essential to check the specific energy label of each appliance to get a clear idea of its energy efficiency.

What is the average lifespan of used appliances?

The average lifespan of used appliances can vary greatly depending on several factors. The age of the device, its previous maintenance and the quality of the brand’s manufacture are key elements that affect longevity. On average, well-maintained, good-quality household appliances can often work reliably for many years, even if they are second-hand. To get a more accurate estimate of the lifespan of a specific device, it is recommended to research the model and brand in question.

Can I negotiate the price of a used appliance?

Yes, negotiation is often possible when buying used appliances. Used device sellers are usually open to discussing the price, especially if the device shows signs of wear or if you buy multiple devices at the same time. However, it is important to negotiate in a fair and respectful manner. Do some research beforehand to get a realistic idea of the value of the device on the used market, which will help you negotiate a fair price for both parties.

How can I find quality used appliances?

To find quality used appliances, it is essential to follow a few important steps. First, conduct extensive research online to identify models and brands that are known for their durability. Then, inspect the device in person before purchase, checking its overall condition and looking for any issues. Feel free to ask the seller questions about the age of the device, its usage history, and maintenance. By being diligent in your buying process, you increase your chances of finding high-quality used appliances.

Buying new or used appliances: the pros and cons