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Why does the refrigerator no longer work?

To properly preserve food, it is necessary to have a number of household appliances. Among the latter is the refrigerator. The usefulness of this device is so important that when it stops working, it brings disorganization in lifestyle habits. It must therefore be repaired as soon as possible. For this, it is essential to know the causes of refrigerator malfunction.

The causes of a malfunction of the fridge

At the root of the malfunction of a refrigerator are usually 4 causes. Depending on each cause, the device no longer turns on at all or it no longer provides the desired result.

Total shutdown of the fridge

The first cause to look for this problem is at the branching level. Often, if you have not properly connected the electrical cable to the mains, the fridge no longer works.

It will first be necessary to reconnect the cable to the socket and try to turn on the device again. If the fridge still won’t turn on, change the outlet or cable. There is a good chance that the problem will be solved in this way.

However, it happens that at the root of this total shutdown of your device is the obsolescence of the device. Or, it is simply defective. In either case, the solution to your problem is replacing the device.

Fridge too cold

The common cause of this problem is to be found in the internal thermometer of the device. In this case, you need to set it to the right temperature.

The second probable cause of the failure is frost. Therefore, you need to defrost the refrigerator.

Sometimes there is a wrong positioning of the probe. Therefore, it does not indicate the exact internal temperature of the device. This forces the cold circuit to work more intensely in order to compensate for the fictitious deficit of cold.

It may happen that none of these three causes are at the root of this failure. In this case, you need to use the service of a refrigerator repair technician. It will detect the cause of the failure and proceed to its resolution.

The fridge no longer cools

If your refrigerator no longer cools, be aware that there are several possible explanations for this. Indeed, several elements can prevent the production of cold in the device. Check if the internal thermometer is not out of order. If so, simply set it or replace it.

The other probable and recurrent factor is that related to the circulation of the refrigerant gas of the device. Often, it happens that this circuit is damaged or congested. It will be necessary to use the services of a professional in appliance repair specialized in cold and air conditioning issues.

The fridge disconnects the meter

Has your electricity meter already disconnected after you plug in the fridge? If so, the likely cause of this problem is the presence of a short circuit on your power grid. This can also be explained by the fact that the grounding is not done.

Faced with such a breakdown, you are forced to call in an electrician. It will research the power grid in order to detect the exact cause of the problem and solve it.

Call on an appliance repair professional like APlus Repair

The operation of a refrigerator is special. Indeed, it appeals to several laws of physics. The balance between these laws ensures its proper functioning. When this device starts by malfunctioning, it is necessary to call a repair technician ice maker or fridge. Never try to fix it yourself. This will prevent you from aggravating the breakdown.

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Why is my refrigerator making noise?

The refrigerator is a household appliance that helps enormously in the kitchen. It makes it possible to preserve food by guaranteeing it a longer duration. However, it can emit several normal noises or not. It can also be affected by many failures depending on the malfunction it has suffered. When the noises become incessant, it truly becomes an ordeal. The only alternative is to find a refrigerator repair service. Discover in this article the reasons why your refrigerator makes noise and the right solutions.

The different types of noise your fridge can have

Refrigerators, there are several types including the built-in fridge, the portable fridge, the mini fridge. No matter what fridge you own, it can emit noises of various kinds. That is to say, completely normal noises that come from the operation of the fridge and noises due to a malfunction of one of the parts of the fridge. For noise emitted naturally by your fridge, these are:

  • buzzing sounds that come from the operation of the compressor;
  • whistling due to air circulation;
  • squeaks due to the defrost system;
  • vibrations from the piping of the cooling system;
  • bubbling from the refrigerant;
  • crackles due to the cooling system.

What are the causes of noise in your fridge?

The noise that your fridge is in poor condition can come from several sources. It can be a:

Compressor problem

Sometimes the inner valves of your refrigerator’s compressor wear out. At this time, the compressor becomes defective and has trouble circulating the gas. This failure of the compressor causes the excess frost which in turn will rub the turbine at the level of the fan hence the birth of the noise that is heard.

Positioning shelves

The incorrect positioning of the different shelves can also cause noise in your fridge. Indeed, it should be emphasized that when the compressor of the fridge is running and the shelves at their levels are not well fixed, it causes noise. Also, the regular and frequent movement of these shelves can make them unstable hence the noises.

Thermostat malfunction

Noise in your fridge can also come from a problem with the thermostat. When it is damaged, it creates the non-regulation of the temperature of the fridge. If the temperature of the fridge is not regulated, there is an accumulation of frost due to excess cold. The frost in contact with the fan turbine gives rise to the noise you hear in your fridge.

Several reasons such as the failure of the electronic board, the malfunction of the fans, or the light can also be the cause of the noise you hear in your fridge.

Solutions to stop the noise of your fridge

Several solutions are available to you once you have identified the causes of the noise of your refrigerator. At each difficulty, an adequate solution that will lighten the task enormously. To solve the problem with the compressor, consider changing it by asking for advice from an authorized technician. He will advise you on the quality of the device you will need.

As for the incorrect positioning of your shelves, make a check through which you will ensure their stability. The bins and shelves once back in the right position, you will see that the noise will stop. To avoid noise from the thermostat, you must first perform a check. This verification will consist of testing the continuity of the thermostat; once this is done if the thermostat is really damaged, replace it.

Who to call for appliance repair?

When you have, by your means, tried to regularize what is happening in your refrigerator and the noise persists, call a specialist in fridge repair. The latter will come to make his diagnosis and identify the real problem. You can also use a specialized company that offers several services, namely residential installation, Laval installation and home installation of your household appliances.

Apart from installation, it is also specialized in fridge or fridge repair, commercial repair and industrial repair. If you live in Montreal or Quebec, a Quebec City repair service or Montreal repair service is also available. You will undoubtedly be satisfied with these different services.

How does a propane refrigerator work?

The propane refrigerator is a device powered by profane gas that does not require electricity. It then represents a good alternative to the conventional refrigerator in places where a power outlet is not available. The propane fridge is therefore widely used in motorhomes, shelters or cottages. But, how does it work? Follow us to find out!

Features of a propane refrigerator

Young couple who select a propane refrigerator
Propane refrigerators do not have moving parts. They are only powered by the layman and do not require an external power source to operate. Unlike electric refrigerators that need a coolant to keep the cold cold, gas refrigerators only use heat to produce the cold.

Indeed, a propane refrigerator or absorption refrigerator works thanks to five (5) main elements. These are the generator, separator, condenser, evaporator and absorber. Each of these parts plays an important role in the refrigeration process.

Thus, the generator is the part of the propane refrigerator that produces heat. The separator allows to divide the gas and water. The condenser allows the high-pressure ammonia vapor to take its form as a pressure fluid. Thanks to the evaporator, the refrigerant becomes gaseous and cold. As for the absorber, it absorbs ammonia at the outlet of the evaporator.

Refrigeration process

The refrigeration process of the propane fridge is triggered by a propane flame. This flame heats the water and ammonia solution contained in the generator. When the mixture reaches a boiling point, it flows into the separator. At this level, ammonia gets rid of the water driven by its rise in pressure.

Then the ammonia gas rises and enters the condenser where it condenses to become liquid ammonia. In reality, the condenser uses metal coils that cool the gas and obtain a coolant. The liquid ammonia thus obtained arrives in the evaporator where it evaporates due to the hydrogen gas. This reaction causes cold temperatures in the refrigerator.

Finally, ammonia and hydrogen gas enter the absorber. At this stage, the mixture combines with the water collected in the separator. The ammonia therefore mixes again with the water to form a solution and release the hydrogen gas into the evaporator. To keep the contents of the refrigerator cold, this cycle is repeated continuously.


Propane refrigerators are very efficient. But, their effectiveness varies depending on the propane tanks used. Indeed, to operate the gas fridge efficiently, the choice of the propane tank is very decisive. For example, with a standard propane tank, the refrigerator can run for 11 days.

Also, the performance of propane refrigerators depends on how you use them. Naturally, these devices take time to cool down at first. So, if you plan to travel with this type of fridge, it is necessary to feed it for 11 or even 12 hours before hitting the road. It is also recommended to turn it on using electricity the day before the trip.

In addition, for the good performance of your propane refrigerator, you must avoid exposing it to the sun’s rays. Also, avoid storing foods that will only lower the temperature and increase the cooling time. The refrigerator has no airflow except what you provide. It is then necessary to avoid opening it several times.

Advantages of the propane refrigerator

propane refrigerator in a modern kitchen

The propane refrigerator has several advantages. First of all, it saves money. Indeed, it does not require the use of electricity. Its use then makes it possible to reduce electricity consumption in a residential installation. It also saves risks of power outages that could affect your food stored in the fridge.

In addition, propane refrigerators make travel smoother. In reality, with this equipment, you can travel with your supplies safely. So you don’t have to spend your energy going to a grocery store when you arrive. You already have everything in your gas fridge.

In addition, these devices do not use a compressor. They work with the pressure from distillation. They are then less noisy than refrigerators that use electricity.


To avoid rust in the pipes and the consequences that can result, the propane refrigerator requires monitoring. For it to work optimally, it is therefore necessary to call on professionals to make a diagnosis regularly and ensure impeccable focus.

Also, if you notice a cooling problem in your propane fridge, it is better to call on refrigerator repairers. If it is necessary to carry out a new installation, they will also take care of it.

How long do the Refragirrs last?

Refrigerators typically last from 10 to 18 years and the average life of a refrigerator is 14 years. Many factors influence the life of the refrigerator, including the type of refrigerator and environmental factors.

New York Post published
an article about an 85-year-old refrigerator that still works, but it’s rare for a refrigerator to last more than two decades. However, you can take control of the maintenance of the refrigerator to make sure yours stays fresh for a long time.

We have maintenance tips below, as well as important details about the life of the refrigerator.

First of all: never postpone the repair of a device. At the first sign of a problem, plan the service with reliable experts like those from APLUSRepair. You can even schedule online at any time that suits you.

How long should a refrigerator last in your home?

Although a refrigerator lasts an average of 14 years, many variables can change the answer to “How long do refrigerators last?” For example:

  • Type and quality of refrigerator. Compact refrigerators tend to last fewer years than large domestic refrigerators. In addition, high-end models usually last longer than units without high-end parts.
  • The rigor of the interview. Periodic maintenance can help your refrigerator last longer than the one that was overlooked. Below we offer you some maintenance tips!
  • Quality of repairs. Some appliance repair technicians do not use quality OEM parts, or they can perform a “quick repair” that does not last. The simplest solution?
  • Usage factors. A refrigerator will not last long if it is misused. Make sure that items do not block vents and avoid overfilling or underfilling. If you run out of food, put a large jug of water in the refrigerator so that it does not work too hard.
  • Environmental factors. If you have a refrigerator in the garage or right next to a sunny window, it is more likely to wear out faster. Avoid exposing the device to very hot, cold or humid conditions.

If you have personally purchased the device you are using, you can more easily predict how long the refrigerator will last as you know its full history. If you’ve just moved into a new place, you may know the age of the refrigerator, but you don’t know if it has been maintained or abused. In this case, it is better to simply take care of the device and call a professional for the repair of the refrigerator in case of need.

Ways to maximize the life of your refrigerator

If you want your refrigerator to last a long time, make sure you know how to care for it. First, be sure to clean up spills immediately in the refrigerator and thoroughly clean your device about twice a year or as needed. Do not fill the refrigerator too much or too little, as both actions lead to overloading of the device. To learn how to clean the condenser fan and perform other technical maintenance, check out our refrigerator maintenance tips.