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Should you replace or repair your washer?

Your washer no longer spins or empties. Its control panel no longer works. His drum no longer turns… Is it wise to have it repaired or simply to change it? To answer this question, several other aspects of the operation of the machine would have to be considered. To help you take the best solution, here are some tips for you based on frequent cases.

The washer no longer empties

Just like any household appliance, when a washer no longer empties, there are several reasons for this. In the first place, your washer could get dirty. In this case, it is the filters and the drain pipe that are clogged. This state of affairs is the basis for blocking the passage of washing water. All you have to do is clean them for your machine to resume its normal cycle. It is therefore not necessary to carry out a replacement.

Secondly, if the pump is defective, your washer will no longer be able to empty. To check this, one must check its electrical resistance using a specialized tool called ohmmeter. The use of this device requires some knowledge of electricity. It is then necessary to contact an expert in washer repair to proceed with the verification. Be aware that the pump can be repaired even after 10 years of use.

The third fact that could cause this failure is the faulty condition of the washer control panel. Just like the pump, you can attach the services of a specialist to get it back in working order.

The washer drum no longer rotates

The first hypothesis to check if the drum of your washer no longer rotates is that of the broken belt. You can manually rotate the drum to see if it has resistance. If this is not the case, then the belt is broken and you need to proceed with its replacement.

On the other hand, it can be just out of its axis. In this situation, you just have to reposition it for the drum to resume its rotation. Another explanation we can give to a drum that no longer rotates is that the bearings are in poor condition. It happens that the bearings are rusted and therefore are blocked.

To find out, disassemble the back panel of the washer. In the event that the bearings have leaked, observe their flow. You will notice traces or a trail of rust. In these situations, they must be changed. However, it is rare to be able to perform only the replacement of this part. The best solution is then to replace the transmission, when it comes to a top-loading washer. On the other hand, if it is a front washer, it is the tank that is usually changed.

Besides that, if the motor of your washer is in poor condition, the drum will not start moving. We advise you to have it repaired even after 7 years of use, but beyond 10 years, it is essential to change it.

A fourth justification we can give for this failure is that the washer’s electronic board is toasted. To ensure the veracity of this hypothesis, it is just necessary to use the ohmmeter for a control of the resistance of the board. If it is verified, then it is possible to have it repaired.

The washer flows

Your washer can start to leak because of at least three factors. These include:

  • an unscrewed water inlet pipe or a clogged or pierced part;
  • a damaged gasket;
  • rusty bearings.

In the first case, you just need to control and adjust the water inlet and outlet systems (siphon and pipe). You can also change the pierced part, if necessary. As for the deteriorated seal, you will just need to replace it so that the washer stops flowing. Rusty bearings are also to be changed depending on the type of washer as we had to explain above.

In addition, prefer a repair to a change, if it is a question of repairing minor breakages on a washer less than 10 years old. However, the cost of this repair and labor must be less than $300.

No matter what situation you encounter with your device, we inform you that we are available to offer you a better service. In other words, APlus Repair is specialized for any intervention on any brand of household appliances. We can also help you with washer installation operations.

How do you know if your refrigerator needs to be replaced?

Owning a refrigerator in poor condition can lead to health problems and increase the cost of the electricity bill. Therefore, it becomes important to think about buying a new one in order to keep all your food cool. In reality, a malfunctioning cooler can also damage your food. We can help you know when to replace your home’s fridge . In this article, you will have more.

Spot traces of wear on your device

One of the ways to know that a refrigerator needs to be replaced is traces of wear. Over the years, when you use your appliance, it gradually deteriorates. During use, an excess of frost in the cooler means that it is not working properly. In this case, we advise to carry out defrosting regularly. In case the problem persists, then we can intervene to repair your refrigerator. On the other hand, a replacement of the device would also be possible.

In addition, when the rubber seal on the door comes off when opened, it is also a sign that the fridge is spoiling at first. The presence of drops of water on the floor or on the walls of the cooler is another indication that it is time to replace or restore it.

One of the specialists present in Montreal who must be contacted for this kind of work is Aplus Repair. We repair all your appliances, whether it’s a washer, dryer or freezer. We have to our credit a large number of customers who have been satisfied with our services. You too, make the right choice and contact us as soon as you notice a trace of wear on your refrigeration unit.

Pay attention to noise and heat from the refrigerator

A fridge that makes a lot of noise or emits too much heat is no longer in good condition. It is normal for a refrigerator to be hot since it is an electrical appliance, but in the circumstance where this heat becomes intense, then there is a problem.

In the same way, there is nothing abnormal when the motor of a cooler emits slight sounds when it is running. However, a noise that is too deafening, to the point of causing you sound discomfort, does not bode well. In these circumstances, you have two options. Either you change the appliance by buying a new one, or you call on our services so that we can provide a solution to your problem.

When the walls of your preservative burn your hand when you touch them, it’s time to think about replacing it. We can help detect engine failure with our appliance repairexperts who have received recognized training. Whatever the brand of your device, our professionals will know how to overcome it. In addition, all the equipment used for its refurbishment comes straight from the manufacturers. Making our customers a priority, we meet all types of needs.

Some solutions to take care of your refrigerator

In order to make use of your fridge and enjoy it, the professionals at
Aplus Repair
can properly maintain any household appliance. If you have just purchased one, we can also proceed with its installation. When the device is set up, it is necessary to limit its opening as much as possible and remember to defrost it regularly.

On the other hand, it is necessary to avoid putting hot meals inside the cooler. When you’re not finishing your plate and want to cool it for later, it’s best to wait for the food to cool down first.

Otherwise, the temperature inside the fridge will increase and the heat will cause gradual condensation. It is also important not to overload the device or bring it closer to a strong heat source.

Of course, for the refrigerator to have a long life, it must be dusted and cleaned often. Specialists in the repair and installation of household appliances, we remain accessible for any maintenance advice on your device. We are based in Montreal and we also operate in the Laval sector and its surroundings.

Now you know when your refrigerator needs to be replaced. However, our repairers could allow you to enjoy the fridge for a few more years before sending it to oblivion. In case of problems with your appliance, we will be happy to help you.

When to repair your air conditioner?

The air conditioner is an important piece of equipment contributing to comfort in a household or business. Being a device that works almost full-time, breakdowns can occur. At the moment when some malfunctions are insignificant and do not prevent you from continuing to enjoy your air conditioner, other problems will cause the device to stop. This may push you to buy another one. To avoid this state of affairs, you need to know when to repair your air conditioner. Being a specialist in air conditioner repair in the Greater Montreal area, A Plus Repair brings you clarification on the subject.

Repair your air conditioner when the air it blows is less cold

Air conditioner repair

Your air conditioner no longer cools your home and it takes enough time before giving you a fairly critical freshness. If the clear air becomes warm or hot day by day, know that it’s time to fix your air conditioner. If despite the setting of your device, it is less refreshing, you need to think about its repair. This regression of fresh air may be due to a compressor failure or a low level of the refrigerant liquid. For such a problem, call on a subject matter expert to detect the precise cause in order to find the appropriate solution for the return of your air conditioner’s cooling.

Repairing your air conditioner is crucial when your electrical bills go up

You use the same sources of electrical receptions, however, your consumption of electrical energy suddenly increases! You are certainly wondering what can be the basis of your large bills. This may be due to a failure of your air conditioner. So, check with the help of an air conditioning specialist, the condition of your air conditioner to detect its malfunction.

Have your air conditioner repaired as soon as your device makes noises

Has the sound emitted by your air conditioner changed suddenly? It has become too noisy or different. The air conditioner gives whistles, cracks or other unpleasant sounds to hear! The cause of this unusual noise may be a leak of the refrigerant liquid or to an object stuck in your device. In such a case, your air conditioner needs to be repaired. Thus, use a refrigerator repair professional to better detect and stop the breakdown of new noises from your air conditioner.

Your air conditioner needs to be retyped when it gives off unpleasant odors

When your air conditioner has a bad smell, you need to fix it to prevent further damage later. Indeed, the bad smell of your device can be due to several causes. Hold on, a refrigerant leak can cause your device to smell ethereal. The electrical smell of your air conditioner may be due to a failure of the engine or wiring of the device. And also, mold in the ducts of your air conditioner can lead to a musty scent that will be released by your equipment.

Repair your air conditioner if the water is running

Drops of water come out of your air conditioner, whether it’s on or off. And you are obliged to collect them in a bucket to prevent them from flooding your home. Therefore, you must also think about repairing your air conditioner because the flow of water within it is not random. This situation is usually due to a cracked or blocked drain in the air conditioner. Talk to an air conditioning professional to put an end to this uncomfortable situation.

Have your air conditioner repaired as soon as its unit is frosted

Air conditioning cooling

As soon as you notice the installation of frost on the unit of your air conditioner, please restore your equipment. This is a problem caused by the leakage of the refrigerant liquid. A specialist in the field would be better able to remedy this inconvenience.

In any case, regardless of the malfunction observed with your air conditioner, use a refrigerator repair company like ours. In fact, A Plus Repair is a company specialized in the repair and installation of household appliances of all varieties. Formerly specialized in industrial and commercial repair, our company has expanded in these offers in order to better satisfy its customers.

Whether it is a home installation, a refrigerator repair or a diagnosis of a problem with household appliances in Quebec City or Laval, we guarantee quality work. We put at your disposal our experts well trained in the trade for any repair and residential installation of your appliances. We will repair your different devices with original and quality parts. We are the solution to your problems of installation and repair of household appliances. Do not hesitate to entrust the repair of your air conditioners to A Plus Repair.

What to do with your old appliances before a move?

Moves are generally delicate processes that involve taking into account multiple parameters. In particular, they give the opportunity to discover all its household appliances. Moving involves organizing your belongings and packing them for transportation.

During this process, the concern about what to do with old appliances is almost unavoidable. Discover the good arrangements to take in this context to move!

The different ways to organize old appliances

appliance repair

Household appliances pay for themselves over the course of use. Before moving, it is recommended to perform an audit. It allows you to discover all the devices and their respective status in order to make the right decisions. Here are some good steps to take for a good management of these devices during a move.


After separating the small appliances from the large ones, it is necessary to check that each one is functional or not. Devices that have malfunctions should be set aside. You can repair them by using a specialized company like A Plus Repair. It takes care of the repair of machines and parts for household appliances.

You will be able to take advantage of the services of industrial repairs, home and office installations. This specialist makes a diagnosis and repairs to appliances such as the stove, washer, air conditioners, refrigerator and dishwasher. You have the option to repair the appliance or refrigeration process rather than throw it away.

This poses an even greater problem when these elements are released into the wild. Indeed, some of this equipment contains polluting materials. Repairing a refrigerator allows it to be recycled and used for a variety of purposes.

Whether it’s a repair in Montreal or an installation in Laval, you can trust a real specialist in the region. You also have the best guarantees for a repair in Quebec City.

Donate, sell or recycle devices

Recycling repaired appliances is a good solution. You can take your devices to an electronics store. There are many WEEE (Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment) stores. The deposit can be done at the center closest to you.

In addition to recycling, it is often possible to sell a household appliance. You could take images and publish them on resale sites. Interested parties can contact you to purchase it. Supplementing money to buy a new appliance is sometimes an option.

The other alternative is to take advantage of the marketing offers offered by equipment sellers. The supplier takes back the old device and allows to buy a new one. You also have the option of donating the equipment to charities. People with modest incomes will be able to equip themselves thanks to your gesture.

In addition to improving comfort within some families, such a donation can contribute to job creation. Some organizations take care of the repair of equipment before reselling it.

Drop off old equipment at the garbage dump

It is possible to deposit your broken or non-functional devices at the garbage dump. It is a place authorized to receive this kind of equipment. After the deposit, the appliances are transported to the sorting centers. Then they undergo the necessary treatments in order to be recycled.

This way of doing things makes it possible not to expose oneself to fines. People who leave appliances on the street are exposed. It is better to put them directly in the garbage dump. This gesture is inexpensive and more ecological.

Optimize the move

After the dispatch of the appliances, it is necessary to organize the remaining appliances to move safely. Indeed, the weight of some equipment can increase the bill. It is recommended to inform the moving agency in advance. It will take into account heavy objects when drawing up the estimate.

An object is considered heavy when it weighs more than 100 kilos. When the company is informed, it makes its arrangements and applies a reasonable additional cost. You have the assurance that your equipment will not be left on site for lack of handling means.

In addition, prepare the devices for transport. You can pack small appliances in a protective layer. It will be necessary to empty the inside of the fridge, dishwasher, washing machine, etc.

What about the new installation

After getting rid of the aging appliances, you have to think about setting up the remaining ones in your new home. The ideal is to call on a specialized professional like A Plus Repair. The company takes care of the residential installation and a multitude of other similar works.

It offers a high quality service with the necessary legal guarantees. You may be compensated in case of damage. In addition, it is possible to replace donated equipment. New appliances are very recommended to optimize the level of comfort. Choose energy-efficient appliances that comply with ecological standards.
If you are in your process of reflecting on your move we recommend that you call on moving professionals in Montreal,they will guarantee the proper handling of your electrical appliances to avoid any breakage.

How do I fix a defective refrigerator?

The refrigerator is one of the essential household appliances in the current lifestyle. It is therefore complicated to do without it. However, when it breaks down, we are disoriented and it affects our daily lives, while there are several methods that allow us to repair this device without having to resort to a professional. By reading this article, you will discover the possible failures of a refrigerator as well as the checks to be carried out. We also offer you a small overview of the available solutions.

The different possible breakdowns for a refrigerator

You may be facing several breakdowns in your refrigerator. The latter are of several kinds.

The fridge does not work at all or no longer cools

Generally, a malfunction of this device is due to a poorly plugged in or in poor condition. For this, it is necessary to review the connection of the power supply. You can also make a home repair by replacing the plug. The possibility that a general breakdown may result from the fact that the refrigerator is dilapidated should not be excluded.

On the other hand, there are several reasons why your fridge is cooling down. It may be a disruption of the internal thermometer of the refrigerator. In this case, you had to think about replacing it. However, the concern may come from the circulation of gas that cools the fridge. The circuit can be clogged or drilled.

The fridge has an excess of freshness or disconnects your meter

It may happen that your cooling device gives off an increased freshness. After diagnosis, this problem very often comes from the inner thermometer. It will then be necessary to settle this one. Besides that, the concern may be due to a frost problem. In this case, the main sensor does not indicate the exact temperature and this leads the cold circuit to operate continuously, thus increasing the level of cold.

In addition, it should be remembered that at certain times, the refrigerator can disconnect. You can sometimes see on your electrical installation the effects of a short circuit. In some cases, it may be a defect in the grounding of electric currents. To remedy this, it is wise to ask a professional electrician for the repair of the breakdown.

Repairing a fridge that does not cool

To repair a refrigerator that is no longer cold, it is necessary to check several elements.

Check the air circulation inside the device

The refergirator cools by means of the air that circulates within it. It is therefore necessary a priori not to overload the shelves with food. In reality, a fridge that is too full in a residential installation causes poor air circulation. Therefore, this inevitably leads to a decrease in the device’s ability to cool properly.

Also, be sure to close the device carefully by checking if the food inside does not prevent it from closing. That said, you should never force the fridge to close. Also, avoid putting hot food in the fridge. The latter take quite a long time to cool.

Check the condition of your condenser

As soon as you notice the inefficiency of your fridge, you must also check the condition of the condenser. This component of your refrigerator is the element that allows it to cool quickly. Thus, if it is clogged or full of dust and debris, it is obvious that the normal operation of your appliance is hindered.

The solution is quite simple. It is often necessary to check the condition of the condenser. You can also clean it if you feel it is necessary. Also consider sucking up the dust that often ends up behind the fridge. This will promote improved air circulation. Also, when you notice a loss or leak of refrigerant, the best is to call a professional specialized in the repair of appliances and Repair machines.

Some other solutions at your fingertips

It may happen that you are facing other glitches than those mentioned above. Your refrigerator can sometimes emit noise. In reality, after a diagnosis, if you find that the fridge is making noise, in addition to being annoying, it is a sign of a delicate problem. In this situation, it is necessary to check the stability of the refrigerator. If the latter is wobbly, you will notice vibrations every time the engine stops. To do this, you can take advantage of the device’s warranty to carry out its commercial repair.

In addition, it may happen that the device freezes your food while it is a refrigerator and not a freezer. Indeed, if the inside of some refrigerators sometimes frosts, it is necessary to look for and diagnose other problems. For this, it is first necessary to check the hole in the drain. It is located at the bottom of the device. If it is an unventilated cold appliance, check above the vegetable tray. It is possible to make a diagnosis at the thermostat and lower it slightly. If you are unable to make an industrial repair, call on a technician in the field.

Ultimately, when you find that your refrigerator is facing a particular concern, do not panic. You can apply these measures developed above at first glance. However, if you encounter difficulties, you can seek the help of a professional.


Choosing repair: a greener decision

In a world where climate change is increasingly worrying, all means are good to protect nature. To do this, several ecological gestures are recommended.

Reparation is one of the latter even if it is not yet adopted by all. Discover in this article some arguments that attest that repair is a gesture with a heavy ecologicalsense.

Repair for the protection of nature reserves

Appliances, especially household appliances for their construction, require the consumption of a significant amount of natural resources.

Indeed, whether they are electrical devices or electronic devices, certain natural resources are essential for their manufacture. These include rare metals such as cobalt, lithium, tantalum, and also rare metals such as gold, palladium and silver.

The extraction of these materials causes significant damage to theenvironment. One of these damages is the depletion and dwindling of these resources that could impact the quality of future devices. A machine repair would therefore avoid harming these resources.

Similarly, to extract minerals from the subsoil,it is essential to dig to a certain depth. This act has harmful consequences for the environment. These include:

  • soil erosion, which is very important in areas covered with plants;
  • soil leaching, which is a source of contamination of plant species and water by contaminants;
  • the transport of heavy metals and other contaminants by air;
  • Etc.

More generally, the abusive cutting of trees is deplorable. With a repair devices for example, you increase the chances of certain plant species surviving. A small gesture yes! But full of meaning for nature.

Repair to extend service life

While repair is a way to protect natural resources, it also extends the lifespan. In reality, repairing is somehow extending the life of a device. Some devices with planned obsolescence can be repaired by simply changing a room.

To avoid throwing away devices that can still be used or are repairable, it is advisable to carry out their diagnosis. This process will make it possible to reveal any breakdowns or points of malfunction in order to propose possible solutions.

Reducing bulky waste

Electrical and electronic devices generate countless amounts of waste. But unlike other categories of waste,they are difficult to manage.

Their dangerousness is important and recycling them involves well-defined procedures. Faced with this state of affairs, one of the recommended solutions is reuse. In fact, to reuse a device is to give it the opportunity to live again.

At the same time, we avoid throwing a product with a hazardous residue into nature at least while we find an adequate management method adapted to this type of waste.

Promoting waste transformation

Depending on the installation in place, the devices can suffer different types of damage. Whether it is a home installation of a new dryer, new bulky waste will be produced.

Opting for the repair of a machine, makes it possible to make a potential waste, a new product. It is a process that therefore promotes responsible and intelligent waste management.

Repair to spend less economic resources

Repair is a way to contribute to sustainable development. Indeed, the latter is based on three aspects. These are:

  • the ecological and environmental aspect;
  • the social aspect;
  • the economic aspect.

The concert of these elements is naturally favourable to the protection of nature.

Clever purchases and operations

In the perspective of a repair, it is possible to carry out beautiful operations. As proof, it is more beneficial on a plan to replace a defective part on a device than to change the latter.

However, in a case where the damage is too great, it may be better to opt for a replacement. In addition, in the collective movement for the protection of nature, several companies and centers offer discounts to all those who opt for the purchase of ecological goods. It is therefore possible to perform a beautiful operation at a lower cost.

In short, device repair brings many benefits. Opting for repair rather than change when possible is an ecological act.

5 handy tips for the microwave

When it comes to fast-cooking or reheating food, it’s hard not to think about the microwave. The microwave is one of the most occurring household appliances in Canada. Starting from our daily lives, you need to know the basics of this machine.

Indeed, when your machine has a little problem, the first reflex may be to throw it away. And yet, that’s not what you have to think about! There are small glitches on your device that can be solved easily. So how do you deal with this appliance for your greatest happiness?

Here are five handy tips for the microwave.

Gently clean your microwave

It’s not just the dishes that need to be washed. You should also think about washing if not cleaning your microwave. Like any household appliance, a lack of cleaning can cause damage. In addition, your health is not immune to nuisance. Food cooked or warmed with a dirty microwave can welcome bacteria with open arms. These microorganisms can turn your meal into a source of disease. It is best to avoid such damage by regularly cleaning your microwave oven.

With each use, put a damp cloth inside the appliance to clean it. Cleaning removes food debris that has embedded in the corners and edges of the machine during cooking. It is advisable to refresh the interior of the appliance by heating a cup of water containing lemon slices for a few minutes.

Thaw frozen foods before cooking

Sometimes you may be tempted to cook the meat out of the freezer in one action. That is, “make a stone, for two strokes” by thawing the meat during cooking. Unfortunately, this is a practice to avoid absolutely. Indeed, thawing is one thing, cooking is another.


For the thawing of your food, opt for plastic bags made exclusively for this process in a microwave. Make sure you have completely thawed your food. Thawed food should no longer return to the freezer.

After thawing, go straight to cooking without further delay.


Once your food is completely thawed, you can cook. To do this, follow to the letter the cooking instructions of your recipe. You know you don’t have to leather everything in the microwave. For example, you should avoid cooking a turkey in your appliance in its entirety.

On the other hand, strictly respect the internal temperature of food, as households in Quebec do so well to prevent them from being a threat to your health.

Respect the natural capacity of your microwave

You have a lot to cook or reheat, but you don’t have much time. It’s only natural that the idea of putting everything in the microwave comes to mind. But don’t give in to this temptation!

Here, the ADMIRAL stove has a given capacity that should not be overexploited. The same is true of the DANBY oven. On the guide to the use of these appliances,clear and simple instructions are provided to facilitate their proper use. Also, please use small containers for your machine. This allows for better optimization of the device.

Also, be patient, keep calm in front of your appliance. If you have several foods to reheat or cook, go one by one.

The danger of not respecting the natural ability of the machine is that you decrease its lifespan.

Doing some troubleshooting yourself

Generally, the problems you may face while using your microwave are electronic. Sometimes the device’s problem can be related to a capacitor and it cannot start. You can unplug the device for about 30 minutes and then reconnect it. If the problem persists, you will need outside help.

Also, when the touchpad keys are struggling to work, you can do a little maintenance by you. Using a hairdryer,heat the touchpad that no longer works. With a little luck, you will regain control of the buttons of your appliance.

Assiduously reading your microwave’s usage guide could help you overcome some of the difficulties with how it works.

Call on professionals for repairs

Sometimes by mishandling or for various reasons, your microwave has broken down in general. You tried to do a home troubleshooting without success. Don’t panic! It’s probably not time to put it in the closet to buy a new one.

It is true that changing the parts of the machine is not easy. This can cost you the price of a new device. However, to avoid certain expenses and especially in the name of protecting the environment, it must always be tried to repair it. There are professionalslike Repair APlusfor this purpose. No brand of microwaves outperforms them. Besides, they are very comfortable with the best brands like:

  • West Land;
  • Ge;
  • Maytag;
  • Neptune;

Moreover, don’t hesitate to contact this company that is based in Montreal when you feel the need.

Why you need a professional for appliance repairs

Save time: Although it is said that it costs less to repair your own appliance, it is often a temporary solution. Hired an expert saves you a lot of time. You won’t have to go back and forth and spend money unnecessarily on other repairs. You prefer to have a more productive activity and spend your energy on other more important occupations.

Save money: A self-trained technician may charge you much less, however, there is a high probability that the service or repairs performed will not be sustainable. You may need to contact someone else for this work. A professional specializes in his field and, most of the time, knows exactly how to repair or install your appliances or machines.

A job well done: 99% of the time, you can expect a job well done. Specialists have spent many hours studying and developing the skills they need to help clients. They apply their knowledge and expertise and you’ll get your money’s worth. A professional has the skills and knowledge to do the job.

They are well informed: They know what they do! Put them to the test and you won’t be disappointed. You’ll get back in touch with them again! Not only did they learn to repair, but they also learned to have good customer relations. Experts have a better understanding of the structure and composition of the devices, so they know exactly how to carry out repairs and installations.

Build your network of relationships for the future: Whether you’re an industrial, commercial or residential customer, this is great news for you. If you develop a professional relationship with your clients this can help you, in the future, to realize other projects. They’ll run after you!

They are regularly updated: DIY is a thing of the past! Professionals are aware of new developments and are constantly learning new ways to hone their skills to better meet the needs of their clients. They master the new tools and machines used to help your devices.

You don’t have to buy tools Tinkering can be very expensive. What for? Imagine having to spend money to buy a particular tool to repair a device. It’s expensive and painful. With a professional, you don’t need to get tired, they do all the work. Their work equipment is specially designed to help your appliances in good working conditions.

Special offers Do you like to do good business? Another good reason to call in a professional technician. If the warranty has expired, convenience stores can help. Whether it’s for a small problem or a bigger problem, they know what it takes to make your devices functional again.

They are qualified: Professionals are well trained and have a high level of training.

Trusting well-trained professionals can be very advantageous because it’s great value for moneyChez A-we work well, all the time, every time.

How to clean your oven the right way, with the right product without causing damage

“I clean my oven regularly, so it should do the trick.” This is often the view of many users of household appliances. We hear many times that cleaning things makes them last longer. Although this is a fact-based assertion, there are conditions. It is sometimes difficult to admit that some cleaning products, giving your stove a clean and shiny look, can be harmful to your oven.

If you are thinking of buying a new stove, or if you already have one, then this item will be very useful, especially if you like to live in a healthy environment. There are various cleaning methods: manual cleaning, steam cleaning and automatic cleaning. These three methods can be used to carefully clean your oven. However, automatic cleaning of your oven can produce pollutants that are toxic to human health. Some chemicals used can break the glass of your oven and prevent the door from opening.

In short, the purpose of this article is to inform you about some economical ways to clean your oven without damaging it. Let’s be positive and take the next step! Ready? Let’s go!

Boiling water: We usually have so much water at our disposal that it is inconceivable to have a dirty oven. You just need to boil water in an electric kettle and pour it carefully inside your oven. Leave to rest for about 10 to 15 minutes. This softens deposits or food that remains glued to your oven. Grab a cloth, clean the surface and watch your oven transform before your eyes!

Vinegar: “Wow!” This natural miracle product is amazing. It does have many advantages. From the skin, to the hair to your appliances, it is the perfect cleaning agent. How does it work? Bring a bottle with spray and add a little vinegar with water. Spray your oven and let stand for an hour. It removes dirt or stubborn stains that are difficult to remove.

Ammonia: The smell of this product is not very pleasant, but it is the ardent defender of your ovens as it removes stubborn stains. Ammonia makes your life a lot easier. You can soak the oven racks in a frying pan all night and notice the next day the stubborn stains disappear.

Baking soda: If the walls of your oven need a thorough cleaning, try baking soda. It will rid you of dirt in a flash. Apply a small amount of vinegar or lemon juice with baking soda and rub the sides of your oven with a cloth. You can also combine baking soda with salt.

Hydrogen peroxide: It’s working! This product is very powerful. It works in the same way as for teeth whitening. It removes stains very quickly. All you have to do is clean your oven with soap and water, then add hydrogen peroxide. You can say “goodbye” to the encrusted stains!

Vegetable oil: This may be the last cleaning product you’d have thought of. Well, it has other functions other than those of the kitchen. It cleans your oven and gives it a refined look. Divide a little vegetable oil into your oven and let stand for 10 minutes. Then clean with baking soda, soap and water.

Now that A’s provided you with some simple and economical ways to clean your oven, you’re now able to keep your oven clean so it looks new! Our customers are our priority.

Why you need a professional for Appliance Repairs

Do it yourself! We will not dispute this statement. If you are trained in that area of expertise then not a problem. However, sadly, most persons who practice DIY fixing cause additional damages. It is essential that you hire a professional to do your appliance repairs for many reasons than one. We have lined up for you 10 reasons why you need a professional to repair your appliances. Now, let’s dive into it.

Saves Time

While fixing your appliances by yourself is said to be more cost-effective, you may want to consider a temporary fix. Hiring an expert saves you a lot of time. You will not have the hassle of moving back and forth and spending unnecessary money for redoing repairs. You want to be as productive and direct your energies to other important matters.

Saves Money:

A self-trained technician may charge you a whole lot less, however, there is a high possibility that the services or repairs done will not be long lasting. You may have to rehire someone else for the job. A professional is versed in the area and most times knows exactly how to repair or install your appliances or machines.

A job well done:

99% of the time you can expect great work. Experts have spent tireless hours studying and learning the skills they need to assist clients. They will apply their knowledge and expertise and give you value for your money. A professional posses the skills and knowledge to get the job done.

They are knowledgeable:

Oh yes! They know their stuff! Put them to the test and you will not be disappointed. They will keep you coming back. Not only were they taught to perform repairs but also, they were taught to have good customer service skills. Experts have a deeper understanding of the structure and makeup of appliances, so, they know exactly how to perform repairs and installations.

Build future connections:

Whether you are an industrial, commercial or residential client, this is great news for you. If you develop a professional relationship with your clients this can help you in the future with other projects. They will have your back!

They are current: DIY is so last year!

Professionals are abreast with new inventions and are constantly learning new ways to perfect their skills and serve clients better. They are very aware of new tools and machinery that will be used to fix your appliances.

Save you the trouble of buying tools

DIY methods can be costly. Why? Can you imagine spending money to buy a particular tool to perform an appliance repair? This is costly and strenuous. With a professional, you need not get weary, they do all the work. Their work equipment is specially designed to meet your repair needs and keep your appliances functioning and in good work conditions.

Get Deals

Are you a lover of deals? There you go, another reason to hire a professional technician. In a situation in which you have expired warranty, repair technicians can help. Whether it be a large or small issue they are normally aware of the things to do to make your appliances functional once more.

They are qualified:

They are well-trained professionals that have a high level of training.
Professional Advice: A well rounded professional will not keep all the good stuff to him! It would be selfish if they did. An expert will give you additional information to keep your machines and appliances in good shape. Let’s call this a little bonus.

Trusting well-trained professionals can be very advantageous as you are bound to get value for money.
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