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Why does the washer no longer empty?

Household appliances are essentially manufactured to make life easier for humans. Among these devices is the washer. The latter is regularly the subject of several different breakdowns. But the malfunction of the drainage system is the most recurrent failure. This problem is most reported to the washer breakdown service. However, the repair of such a device has a cost. It is therefore important to know the causes of this failure in order to prevent it. Discover these causes here.

The reasons for poor drainage in the washing machine

There are several reasons why your washer no longer empties. We will mention a few here.

Poorly closed lid

Recent generations of washers are equipped with a certain technology that makes them smarter and smarter. This reduces the risk of accidents related to the use of these devices.

This is because the device can tell if its lid is closed or not. If it is not hermetically closed and in the way it should be, the washer considers that it is always open. Therefore, it will not work normally. Faced with a drainage failure, you must first check if the lid is indeed closed. If the breakdown is not at this level, call on the Admiral Montreal repair specialist.

High amount of foam

If there is too much foam in the washing machine, there is a good chance that it will not be able to empty. At the origin of this high amount of foam, there is the amount of detergent as well as the nature of the water. Indeed, highly soft water induces a lot of foam. The latter is dangerous for laundry spinning and water drainage. In other words, avoid abusing the detergent when you put your clothes to wash in the washer. It is recommended to use a liquid cleaner rather than a hard soap. So that this precaution is taken, the problem persists, call a washer repair expert.

Filter blocked

Among the components of the washer is the pump equipped with a filter. The function of the latter is to prevent objects from reaching the plumbing network through the drain pipe. Sometimes the filters are clogged. Generally, the objects behind this block are buttons and silver coins.

A blocked filter is of course an obstacle to the water that must circulate to reach the drain pipe. This situation also imbalances the loading cycles. All this together causes an amana washer problem in the drainage system.

If the failure is because the filter is blocked, try to access it. Then, remove the various elements that have attached to it or that obstruct it. If you can’t do this, call a professional appliance repairer.

Damaged drain pipe

The malfunction of your washer may be at the level of the drain pipe. Sometimes it is clogged, compressed or folded. In such a situation, the circulation of water is prevented. In case of failure in the hose, it is better to proceed with its replacement. APLUS REPAIR always has in stock the component you need to restore your washer to normal working order. We are specialists in Montreal washer repair.

Malfunction of the exhaust pump

Sometimes a tiny object or even laundry paralyzes the propellers of the pump. It is also possible that the pump is simply out of order. We do not advise you to repair it by yourself. Indeed, you could hurt yourself while trying. It is better to use the services of our appliance repair technicians.

Solenoid valve

Obstruction of the solenoid valve can also be the cause of poor drainage in your washer. Failure of this machine component can also create the same problem. In the event of a failure, the water inlet valve remains substantially half-closed. Therefore, it allows the liquid to infiltrate. You will have proof of this by noticing that the laundry at the bottom of the tank is wet unlike the rest.

Why not use APlus Repair?

It is good to know the different causes of poor drainage in your washer. It is even better to be able to get rid of these problems. Some failures can be easy to solve on your own. Others will require the intervention of a professional.

APlus Repair is a company specializing in the troubleshooting of household appliances in Montreal. For any malfunction found in your washer, check the origin of the failure. If you cannot repair the machine, use our services.

Our company also intervenes for the repair furnace. We use an excellent product to clean the oven. This oven cleaner is of course ecological and does not leave an odor in the machine. In addition, if your dryer no longer dries or if the dryer no longer heats up we will intervene on your request for a dryer repair.

APlus Repair is also many other services including refrigerator repair and kitchen hood repair. If you live in Montreal and need a dishwasher repairer or an ice maker repairer, contact us. We will satisfy you with professionalism.

7 Reasons Why Your Washer Won’t Start

The washer is the household appliance widely used in homes. It is therefore not surprising to see this device have malfunctions after a few months of use. The causes why a washer may fail to start are many. It can be a power supply defect or a defect in a part. This is why it is necessary to make a diagnosis of the device to detect the failure. This article you reasons that may prevent your washing machine from starting.

Power supply problem

If your machine does not have any indicator light signal, it is imperative to check the electrical connection very quickly. Indeed, it is necessary to ensure the non-existence of a malfunction at the level of the circuit breaker and the actual circulation of the current in the socket. To perform this check, you could plug in another device to test the electrical outlet. If the problem persists, call a specialist in installation and repair of household appliances.

The electronic card is faulty

The electronic board is the manager of all the electrical functions of your device. Its role in the start of laundry seems undeniable. In the event of a failure, it can therefore prevent your machine from working. You can change the electronic board, but the presence of a washer repair expert will make all the difference. When one part is damaged, the entire circuit is damaged, because one does not go without the other. It is therefore useful to go through all the constituent elements in order to detect the possible cause of the malfunction. Some problems, on the other hand, can find their source in the lack of maintenance.

How to maintain your washer?

Maintenance is the most important step in any acquisition. Be sure to use the right detergent for your washer by strictly following the instructions for use. It is also advisable to load the detergent tray with more care, depending on whether it is a powdered or liquid detergent. Among other things, the diagnosis before repair of the washer can also identify the door as the cause of the start-up problem.

The door does not close

Every washing machine device has a porthole consisting of a safety system that prevents starting if the door is not hermetically closed. In this case, check its effective closure. If the problem continues, you need to renew the security system. Some very simple tips can help you stop paying money for a new acquisition. One of the tips and opening the door for air circulation.

Opening the door for air circulation

The risk of spore multiplication is reduced when the door remains open after laundry. Note that the seal of it must be dry to avoid its rapid deterioration.

The washing program is incorrectly selected

The proper verification of all the features of the washer is important and the selection of the program of the latter is a necessary step. You have the rotation selector for one and the start button for the other. If some programs work besides the latter then it is probably damaged. The remaining parts must be checked by a washer dryer repair expert to detect the cause.

The solenoid valve, resistor or motor no longer works

The defect of several other parts of the washer can cause it to fail to start. These parts are the solenoid valve, the resistor and the motor.

Solenoid valve is damaged

Allowing the circulation or not of water leaks and allowing the cube to fill, the solenoid valve plays the role of electric valve without which, the distribution of water in the different compartments can not be possible. You can automatically notice a malfunction at this level since its role as a filler will not be assured. However, you should make sure that the faucet remains open. If the problem persists, it is just appropriate to change this room.

Defective resistance

It allows the water to have the necessary temperature to heat up. As long as it is not reached, the installation will remain blocked. When there is wear of the resistor, it will no longer work and can cause a current leak or disconnect the meter. Washing machines have a hot water hose that must be cleaned monthly. In the event of a leak, resort to professional repair.

The engine no longer works

The rotation of the drum is triggered only thanks to the motor. If the latter does not work, everything will be at a standstill. This situation is favored when the thermal safety of the engine appears worn. Entrusting the home installation of your washer to a Laval installation service is a guarantee of durability in its operation. Whether you are in Montreal or Quebec, residential installation is also possible.

Remember that the electro-household washer is very practical and intended for washing clothes. It can be repaired in case of failure.


Buying new or used appliances: the pros and cons

The choice between a new appliance and a used appliance is the daily dilemma of households. Decision-making is all the more difficult since these two types of household appliances each have many advantages. So what to choose between new and used appliances? Discover in this article the advantages of these types of devices in order to make a choice at your convenience.

Advantages of new appliances

The purchase of a new appliance has multiple advantages. First, sales stores offer warranties that cover a given period of time for all your purchases of new appliances. You can therefore exchange or repair the appliance at any time in case of problems without making new expenses. Moreover, the sales stores offer appliances from the major brands known for their quality. Thus, you will have the chance to choose a reliable brand that designs quality products. The advantage of buying new appliances is the certainty of acquiring items that have never been used.

The devices are of high standard with a long service life. Therefore, you are not likely to buy appliances anytime soon. The truth is that the quality of household appliances does not impact their prices. The prices are indeed affordable and within the reach of all budgets. There’s nothing better than buying quality appliances at an affordable price. In addition to this, the purchase of new appliances entitles you to a home installation service. The after-sales service and residential installation is in most cases free and therefore accessible to all.

Used washing machine

Advantages of used appliances

Just like new appliances, the purchase of used appliances also has many advantages in terms of quality, price and warranties.

Affordable prices for installation

The advantage of opting for used appliances is the ability to afford an almost new item at a reduced price. It is also this aspect that makes it special, because it can happen that your washing machine or your iron lets you go without warning. Under these conditions, it is sometimes impossible to afford a new device given the condition of the wallet. It is also possible to negotiate prices before buying them. Something that is certainly not possible on the other side. In some cases, after negotiation you pay twice as much for the used device you want to buy.

Almost new for less

Contrary to popular belief, second-hand appliances do not always mean poor quality. With the appearance of new household appliances, households tend to replace their models, even if they are not old. As a result, used household appliances are relatively new. The quality and condition of the articles are in the majority of cases convincing. As a result, the devices can always last over time. In addition, some sales stores do industrial background repairs before putting the devices on the market. So you are guaranteed to buy a quality product at a good price.

Recycling: an eco-responsible choice

Generally, used appliances end up in landfill. These devices are often abandoned due to moving, but the truth is that they release gases and toxic substances as chemical and metal components decompose. The purchase of second-hand appliances is therefore a useful choice that falls within the framework of nature protection. In addition, you benefit from legal protection when you buy from a merchant. This gives you the ability to change the purchased device in case of durability or quality defects. In the absence of an amicable settlement, the merchant must in this case reimburse the purchase costs. The legal protection also covers the merchant for possible hidden defects.

New or used appliances for a residential installation: our conclusions

Between new and used appliances, the choice ultimately depends on the will of the buyer. It is up to you to conduct a thorough analysis and weigh the pros and cons before making a choice. Either way, appliances break down over time. This is the time to call on an appliance repair specialist to solve the problem as quickly as possible. Speaking of specialists, APlus Repair offers quality services in Montreal. You can visit its website to learn more.

The company brings together technicians capable of making repairs to household appliances of all kinds and brands. Thus, for a refrigerator, dryer or oven repair, APlus Repair deploys its skills for an impeccable repair. Moreover, appliance repair is not limited only to Montreal, but also extends to Quebec or Laval. Installations and repairs of devices are done at home after a diagnosis.


Washing machine maintenance tips that might surprise you

You may already know how to maintain your washing machine to some extent. You make sure the device is level, you don’t overload it, etc. Today we focus on washing machine maintenance tips that many owners do not know about.

Here are our main guidelines:

  1. Use the recommended type and amount of detergent.
  2. Inspect the washer pipes every month and replace them every three to five years.
  3. See if you need a drain vent.
  4. Make sure the door seal remains dry between loads.
  5. Leave the door open for air circulation when the machine is turned off.
  6. Clean your washing machine often to limit mold spores.
  7. Clean the lint filter. (Yes, the washing machine has one!)

Learn more about these steps below, but remember that your washing machine is not immortal, no matter how much you take care of it. If you need an appliance repair, Climabionet will be happy to help you. Just call our nearest team of appliance experts or make an appointment online.

How to maintain your washing machine with confidence

When it comes to maintaining a washing machine, knowing what to do is only half the battle. Knowing how to do it correctly will help you avoid the need for excessive repairs or premature replacement of the device.

1. Use the recommended detergent.

Check the type of laundry detergent recommended by the manufacturer, the amount of detergent and the instructions for use. For example, a powder detergent or a high-efficiency (HE) liquid detergent should be used with some water-saving washing machine models to minimize the formation of residues. Also, be sure to properly charge the detergent – some units have a detergent tray and a softener tray, while others do not.

2. Keep an eye on the washer pipes.

Your washing machine is equipped with a hot water hose, a cold water hose and a drain hose. Check these pipes monthly for cracks or fragility. The best time is right after running the washing machine, as you will be able to see if something is leaking. Do you see a leak? Plan a professional repair of the washing machine .

Even if the pipes of your washing machine seem in good condition, it is still recommended to replace them every three to five years to avoid accidents.

3. See if you need a drain vent.

A drain vent is installed on the drain pipe of a washer to prevent pressure from impeding drainage. Some local building codes require this vent. Look at the drain hose of your washer to see if there is a space around it where it enters your drain. If there’s a small space, you probably don’t need a drain vent, unless local building codes require it. If the hose fits snugly, get a drain vent if you don’t already have one. Otherwise, you might need a water damage restoration service…

4. Make sure the door seal remains dry.

The seal, or rubber seal, around the door of your washing machine is susceptible to mold and deterioration. Wipe it after doing a load of laundry, as keeping the seal dry will protect it from premature wear.

5. Open the door for air circulation.

The washing machine can be a fertile ground for mold. If you leave the door open when the machine is not in use, you reduce the risk of spore multiplication.

6. Clean your washing machine often.

Speaking of mold, when was the last time you cleaned your washer? Front-loading washers are particularly known for getting dirty, and all washers must be cleaned every month or every two months. We have a list of tips to properly clean your washing machine.

7. Clean your washer’s fluff filter.

Many owners do not know that most washing machines have lint traps. If you notice a lot of down on your clothes, it may be due to a clogged lint trap.

Why does my dryer no longer dry?

Your washing machine has stopped working for some time. It even lights up sometimes, but can no longer dry your clothes at all. Despite your various attempts at self-repair, the situation has not changed. Don’t sweat it. Even without the help of a specialist, you can get a small idea of the causes of the malfunction. Except that after the detection of the cause, you should contact one of the experts in repair of household appliances based in Montreal as Repair Aplus.

Key parts of your dryer would be defective

Whatever model you have, know that dryers are designed in a somewhat delicate way. The obsolescence or defect of a single room can quickly lead to long-term inconveniences. When, for example, parts such as the electronic board,the landing, the thermostat or the resistor are defective,your machine will no longer be able to dry your clothes.

The electronic card

This is undoubtedly one of the fundamental parts of washing machine machines. It plays almost the same role as the engine. It is she who takes care of the management of all the functions of the device. When it becomes obsolete or defective, it automatically affects other parts. These include:

  • The engine;
  • Heating;
  • Water…

The landing of your dryer

It is this component that protects the rear drum to allow your device to detect moisture. If it malfunctions, the malfunction of the landing of your washing machine will be obvious. When it is dilapidated or worn out, it can easily delight your machine with its dryer nature. Indeed, when the bearing remains for months without being maintained, it ends up accumulating fatty waste. It thus directly loses its ability to detect humility.

Resistance deteriorates

Without resistance, no air heating and without air heating, your linens will not dry. Resistance is therefore also a very important element of the dryer. Often two in number, it can easily cause your machine to stop heating. When only one of the two is dilapidated or deteriorated,your entire device fails. Either he simply stops drying the clothes, or he starts by putting a long time to dry them. You can find out if it is still functional by means of a multimeter.

The thermostat

Many of the heating stops of the washing machines are also due to a malfunction of the thermostat. It is this important building block that controls or signals the temperature to the programmer. But, after several moments of use, this part may lose its effectiveness. So, if the electrical board of your dryer does not have a problem and if its resistance is still functional, check the condition of the thermostat. It could be that it is the very source of your troubles.

Electrical installation

All electrical installations end up losing their performance over time. This is also the case with the electrical outlets to which the dryers are connected. After a few years of use, they can deteriorate and thus prevent your device from working. So also check the condition of your electrical installation.

Other elements of your dryer would be clogged

You almost never realize it. The refusal to dry washing machines is also often due to the plugging of certain elements that are supposed to let air through or water. This is for example the drain pump,the condenser,the filter

The drain pump

The drain pump is one of the parts of the dryer that should never be clogged or plugged. It is it that serves as a drain channel for condensation water. As soon as it locks up, the water is no longer discharged and the operation of the device is severely disrupted. Then examine the drain pump, it may be the cause of your troubles.

The condenser

The capping of the condenser is very paradoxical to the normal activity of the dryer. Even if you tolerate everything, never accept that the condenser is clogged, if your device has one. This causes the systematic shutdown of theheating effect of your machine. To avoid this clogged problem, it is just advisable to clean it at least once or twice every month.

The filter

It is also one of the building blocks of the washer-dryer to watch closely. By dint of accumulating textile residues, it ends up clogging and thus makes drying complicated. Because all dryers are equipped with a safety mode that makes them dysfunctional when the filter is clogged. So also check the status of your filter to be able to unclogging if necessary. And you don’t need to bother yourself if you don’t know about it. Just use ourservices. We are one of the best experts in Montreal in repairing or replacing parts of household appliances. We can intervene in your home as well as in your workplace.

The belt of your dryer would be broken

If none of the previously listed parts show any signs of malfunction, then check thecondition of the belt of your machine. This is the instrument that promotes the rotation of the dryer. When it breaks, it directly causes the work of washing machines to be delayed or even blocked. In case you realize this, just call on one of ourprofessionals. They are prepared and very seasoned for these kinds of work.

In short, visit our website to learn more.

Are dryer leaves bad for you or your dryer?

While it is true that some dryer leaves can be “bad” for your dryer by creating residues, most of them are no worse than your detergent. But are drying sheets bad for you? It is possible that some types are.

All manufacturers of dryer sheets must comply with certain safety guidelines and all chemicals used in dryer sheets must be approved by the FDA. However, since drying sheets are not applied directly to your body, manufacturers do not have to disclose the ingredients on the package. Some of these ingredients, especially perfumes, can irritate people’s skin after putting on washed clothes. This reaction may differ from person to person.

Let’s dive into the debate about dryer leaves, your health and the longevity of your dryer.

Are tumble dryer sheets bad for you?

Although the chemicals in dryer leaves are generally recognized as safe, more research is needed to determine the potential health effects of scented laundry products.

In a study of five sheets of branded dryers, researchers found that the leaves emitted 15 endocrine disrupting compounds associated with asthma. Even though the toxicity of dryer leaves is still disputed, if you have sensitive skin, asthma or migraines, it may be interesting to find and use an alternative to dryer leaves . You might also be interested in our comparison of drying sheets versus softener.

What are dryer leaves made of?

Drying sheets are made from polyester fibers coated with a softening agent, such as fatty or steagic acids. Most types also contain artificial or natural fragrances.

These ingredients make drying sheets useful for fabric softening and other unique uses. We have a large list of uncommon uses for dryer leaves!

Are dryer leaves bad for your dryer?

There is a debate about whether dryer leaves are good or bad for your dryer. The answer lies somewhere in the middle of the extremes. The heat of the dryer can melt the acids that cover the leaves of the dryer, covering your dryer with a sticky coating. Some detergents can cause the same thing.

Although you may not notice this coating right away, it can accumulate on the dryer’s lint filter over time. If the filter is clogged, your dryer may not dry clothes properly, turn off halfway or work without heating. To avoid this, keep the filter properly maintained and regularly clean the residues on the other parts of the dryer.

As a rule, dryer leaves are no worse for your dryer than detergent. If you practice good maintenance and cleaning of the dryer, you can continue to use drying sheets in your dryer.