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Cooker Repair

Generally due to a maintenance defect, stove failures can have a significant impact on your daily habits. The cooking time of your dishes extends, which wastes you enough time in the kitchen. In addition, your food is no longer cooked at the right temperature, putting you at risk of food poisoning. In order to avoid these inconveniences, you can replace your appliance or proceed with the stove repair.

This last option is the specialty of our company, Aplus Repair, which provides you with a team of qualified repairers. Whatever the nature of your outage (broken glass, stains, error code, thermostat problem, etc.), we offer you the right solution as well as a quick response in Montreal and its surroundings.

Breakdown diagnosis

It is not always easy to detect the source of the stove failure. The malfunction may be caused by several used or improperly connected parts to the device. To avoid further damage, you can request a full diagnosis from a qualified structure such as Aplus Repair. Our professionals travel to your home in the Greater Montreal area to identify the nature of the outage to repair the damage that has been caused, regardless of the model of your equipment.

Thus, on electric stoves,we are able to identify all problems related to the cooking plate, including error codes, non-start or noise emission. We also detect malfunctions in the oven of the unit, including snoring, smoke emission as soon as it is heated, and sensor or thermostat failures.

In case the door of your oven has been blocked (at the opening and closing) or if its timer does not work, you have the opportunity to request our intervention for a quick troubleshooting, at a rate that respects your budget. Our technicians also repair broken windows and resolve any adjustment defects that affect the proper operation of your device.

Also, if you have problems lighting or cleaning burners on your gas stove, please call us. Our team of professionals has the experience to make an accurate diagnosis, regardless of the make or shape of your equipment. Making your satisfaction our priority, we provide you with a custom quote that takes into account the flaws identified, the parts to be replaced, the repair work to be carried out, but above all your budget.

Stove repair: What are the solutions available to you?

When your cook reveals a problematic symptom, the best solution is not
not always take out your wallet, in order to spend thousands of dollars on the purchase of a
all new oven. Indeed, it may be all the more relevant (and less costly) to repair the
damage to your device.

So don’t rush to get the last stove available on the market,
without knowing the cause of your initial problem.

However, it would also not be prudent to take your toolbox out of your garage and
make changes to your appliance yourself. The cooks are
extremely delicate equipment and requires a fairly extensive technical expertise and
a certain delicacy in adjusting certain remedies.

Stove repair solutions at Aplus Repair

The stove repair is generally more financially advantageous than buying a new product in-store. This also allows you to contribute to the preservation of the environment, as the equipment in poor condition will not be disposed of at the dump. The Aplus Repair team therefore offers you several stove repair solutions. These include the replacement of defective spare parts, the maintenance of the equipment and its cleaning.

Replacing defective parts

After a complete diagnosis of the condition of your stove, our professionals offer you a custom quote that lists all the accessories to replace. Whether it’s a baking sheet, an oven burner, seals, electric oven bulbs, windows, racks or screws and tips, we use quality spare parts. These come directly from the manufacturers of ovens, electric or gas stoves, built-in or not.

When choosing electrical accessories, we make sure they are compatible with the power of your device, to avoid any further malfunctions. Our services are not only of quality, but they are also performed as quickly as possible.

Stove maintenance and repair

The maintenance services offered by Aplus Repair can solve any technical malfunctions noticed on your electric stove. In practical terms, we deal with problems related to certain devices such as electronic card, display, power, memory, temperature sensor, ventilation, etc. Mastering all the “failure codes” and their meaning, our professionals make the necessary adjustments for a rapid refurbishment of your equipment.

In addition to troubleshooting, maintenance work is carried out to ensure the longevity of your device, while preserving it from possible plug-in failures. Knowing that the procedures of intervention vary according to the model of the stove (furnace, gas, etc.), we make sure to choose suitable products, for an optimal result. At the same time, you benefit from the cooker maintenance advice from our experts in order to keep the equipment in good condition.

Work times, delivery cost and response areas

As soon as you contact Aplus Repair following a problem on your stove, a convenience store will be in your home in less than 24 hours. Generally, one out of every two outages is repaired on the same day and does not require spare parts replacement. However, in case of accessories to change, troubleshooting is done once they are received, usually within three working days.

Also note that our services are priced on the basis of a quote that includes the manpower, the removal of the repairman, the parts to be replaced, all fully respecting your budget.

In addition, our technicians work in and around Montreal, including Laval, Laval-des-Rapides, Saint-Vincent de Paul, North Shore and St Rose. You can also use our services if you live in Deux-Montagnes, South Shore, Saint-Lambert, Longueuil, Brossard and Boucherville. For a personalized quote or additional information about our Montreal cooker repair services, contact our specialists now at (514) 386-9666 or email us at: aplus@ré

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