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How to replace a kitchen hood?

The replacement of a kitchen hood is done in different stages. For this purpose, you need to call on an appliance specialist to have a job well done. If you live in the montreal area, APlus Repair is a company of professionals who can be entrusted with this task. However, it is possible to consider mounting the device yourself. In this regard, you need to consider some important details. Here is the procedure to change a kitchen hood.

The choice of location

Before replacing a kitchen hood, it is essential to determine its location. This device can indeed be installed on the wall or above an island of kitchens. In this case, it will be necessary to opt respectively for a wall hood and a ceiling hood still called island hood. In addition, your appliance specialist, APlus Repair can also install it under a kitchen cupboard. It will then be necessary to replace the old machine with a sub-built-in hood.

Some people may prefer to put their appliance inside a kitchen cupboard. In this case, we can set up:

  • a built-in hood;
  • an integrated hood or;
  • a drawer hood.

After determining the location of the device, now it is necessary to choose the right size of the device for the kitchen.

Determine the size of the hood

To determine the dimensions of your new appliance, it’s important to consider where to put it and the size of the current stove. If the hood is to be installed in a closet in the kitchen, then it is necessary to remove the old appliance and take the dimensions of the niche.

On the other hand, if the closet that is nearby has the same dimensions, it is possible to take its measurements instead. In order for the device to collect all the cooking vapors, it is essential to choose an extractor hood with a size adapted to that of the current stove. The size of the appliance should be the same or should be slightly larger than that of the stove or hob.

The evacuation system

Before replacing the kitchen hood, you should make sure to choose the machine according to the evacuation system of your home. There are generally three types of systems:

  • the exhaust air system;
  • the recycling system;
  • the central suction system.

For all people who have the first or second evacuation system in their home, we recommend an extractor hood with motor. Those with a central suction system will need a machine without a motor instead.

Consider the power and noise of the device

The suction power of the household appliance and the noise it emits are very important criteria for choosing a good machine. A hood with a low noise level usually means that your device will be less exhaust. This does not mean that you should prefer a machine that makes too much noise. On the contrary, it must be silent. The ideal is to install an extractor hood with a noise level less than or equal to 65 dB. In order to find the best machine for your kitchen, we recommend that you first determine the suction capacity you need. You will find the perfect appliance for your kitchen.

Remove the old kitchen hood

Once you have obtained your new machine, you must now remove the old one in order to install the new one. The best option is to contact a professional company in the field like APlus Repair. Our team will be able to remove it safely. For people who wish to do it on their own, we advise that they turn off the device first. Then they will have to remove the chimney, if there is one. After that, remove the plug from the outlet. It will be necessary after that to remove the filters and then the screws of the extractor hood. During handling, it is essential to hold the device well so that it does not fall.

Install the new device

For any kitchen hood installation, we have been experts in the field for several years. Our company APlus Repair is actually specialized in the repair and installation of all types of household appliances. So you can entrust us with the replacement of your kitchen device without worrying about the hassle associated with it. Whatever its brand and model, we will do a remarkable job. However, if you plan to install your new extractor hood yourself, we advise you to follow the guide to properly mount your device.

How to replace a kitchen hood?