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Kenmore Appliances Repair Services in Montreal

Kenmore has been truly a brand which did the trusted performance for 100 years and has come out with the extraordinary features which no other brand can produce. They make the products which perform a high quality job and most of these consists of domestic appliances and household accessories. We serve as the expert service providers for the Kenmore appliance’s repairs. Our technicians come to your home to inspect your Kenmore product and diagnose the issue. They bring all the necessary Kenmore tool so that the problem is solved at the spot and much quicker. Along with that, they authenticate your appliance and do the repairs by providing the guarantee of one year for future. Our professionals are highly qualified in testing any of the Kenmore appliances and ensure the best quality service. You can ask question to them if you have any and also place your suggestions to have best upkeep plan for the appliance.

Kenmore Error Codes

This section includes a list of ingenious kenmore error/fault codes. Our professionals use these codes as they save a lot of time by identifying where to initiate the diagnosis of appliance.

Kenmore Washer

Fault Code Condition/Description Solution
F0 E2 Excessive suds Use only HE (High Efficiency) detergent. Reduce the quantity of detergent to prevent excessive suds.
F0 E4 High water temperature in the rinse cycle Make sure that fill hoses are properly connected. Check the resistance of the thermistor (temperature sensor). It should measure around 50K ohms (50,000 ohms) at 77 degrees. If the thermistor is defective, replace it.
F0 E5 Unbalanced load Re-distribute the load inside the spin basket. If that doesn’t help, then check the suspension rods and springs. If a suspension rod and spring is broken or damaged, replace all of the suspension rods and springs (the replacement part is a kit that has all 4 rods/springs).