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Repair Aplus MONT-ROYAL

Household appliances have become indispensable in human life. After a few years of use, they may no longer work. The ideal solution is to refer you to a repair service: Aplus Repair. This structure offers quality services to repair your appliances. Discover, here, the services offered by A-A for customers located in MONT-ROYAL (in Montreal).


Aplus Repair is a company specializing in the repair of appliances and your machines. You can count on it to install your devices at home and in offices. To repair a defective appliance, the structure uses high-quality appliance parts. The latter comes directly from manufacturers.

Quality of services

Your appliance repairman offers a well-done service. We provide a quality service. Your appliances will be repaired with care and rigor. Similarly, we establish a basis for trusting our customers. These principles are established to provide you with a quality service.


Time is a very important factor in the field of repair. Our work is done efficiently and quickly. Bring your machines and appliances. Your concerns will be received. A deadline will be set. Our team will ensure that the repair is done over time. In addition, for the broken down spare parts, all arrangements are made to replace it with a manufacturer’s model.

Four Repair

When your oven no longer works, you’ll have trouble cooking your food. A malfunction of your device can prevent you from keeping your food at the right temperature. You may have trouble monitoring your dishes because of the lighting that no longer works. While using your oven, the door may become blocked.
For all these difficulties, you don’t have to buy new cooking equipment. You can opt for a repair. You’ll save money and still enjoy your appliance.

Our team will make a sharp diagnosis. It will make a proper repair. If a part is defective, we will use the manufacturer’s products. You can also count on us for stove repair.

Washer repair

The use of a washing machine is not always without malfunction. You don’t have to wait for your device to stop working completely to find a solution. Your equipment can continue to operate while emitting unusual noise.

Are you making several attempts to close a front door? Your washer’s problems can go further. It may not turn to wash your laundry. You may also have outfits that can no longer be wrung out by the machine.

You should know that for all these failures, we have qualified technicians to fix them. Contact us to continue to have your own laundry.

Refrigerator repair

The refrigerator is an important appliance in a home. It helps you store your food and refresh your drinks. However, your equipment doesn’t always work the way you want it to. Your appliance may no longer refresh your food and beverages. It can make an abnormal noise. The door may have a hard time closing.

For all these breakdowns, you don’t have to worry anymore. You can count on our services for propane refrigerator repair. The latter is done with care and speed to allow you to reuse your device as quickly as possible. If the problem is related to a refrigerator room, rest assured. We will make sure that the news comes from the manufacturer.

Dishwasher Repair

A dishwasher is a tool that makes your life easier. When it breaks down, you’ll waste time making your dishes clean. Your device’s problems can be caused by a variety of elements (dishwasher hose, dishwasher engine, etc.). We’re going to solve them so it works again. You can also contact us for dryer repair and vacuuming hotte repair. If it requires a suction hood part, we will find it from the manufacturer. In short, we are the solution for repairing your appliances.