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Air Conditioner Repair In Montreal

Can you image your summers without a working air conditioner? Chaotic! Imagine coming home from work feeling flushed and desiring a cool atmosphere to keep you relaxed. You then flick on your air conditioner and nothing happens. This can be a huge bother. The next question is what do you do next? Call A+, we are here to solve your air conditioning problems. Recognizing some of these problems can help you appreciate the need for a technician. Let’s zoom in on the top 5 problems that can affect your air conditioner. You can review this list to see if you need a repair technician.

Faulty Wiring

Having faulty wiring can be a huge safety hazard. Your life and environs may be at risk. Bad wiring can trip your circuit breaker and interfere with the functioning of other appliances.

External Fan Not Working

This is the transporter in your air conditioning unit. It is basically responsible for sweeping the air from within your home to the outside where it meets outside air. If this is not functioning it can cause damage to the compressor.

Low Refrigerant

Refrigerant is basically an air cooling agent that is primarily responsible for cooling the air within your air conditioner. If there is a low level of this chemical it may indicate a leak or a problem with the air conditioning unit. It is essential that you report and fix refrigerant related issues as soon as they are identified.

Coils Are Frozen

This is often indicative of a problem with air flow which may be caused by clogged filters or an obstructed air work duct.

Malfunctioning Functional Unit

This issue can be power related. You would want to contact a technician to help you resolve this issue as other appliances that use electricity can become affected.