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Should you replace or repair your washer?

Your washer no longer spins or empties. Its control panel no longer works. His drum no longer turns… Is it wise to have it repaired or simply to change it? To answer this question, several other aspects of the operation of the machine would have to be considered. To help you take the best solution, here are some tips for you based on frequent cases.

The washer no longer empties

Just like any household appliance, when a washer no longer empties, there are several reasons for this. In the first place, your washer could get dirty. In this case, it is the filters and the drain pipe that are clogged. This state of affairs is the basis for blocking the passage of washing water. All you have to do is clean them for your machine to resume its normal cycle. It is therefore not necessary to carry out a replacement.

Secondly, if the pump is defective, your washer will no longer be able to empty. To check this, one must check its electrical resistance using a specialized tool called ohmmeter. The use of this device requires some knowledge of electricity. It is then necessary to contact an expert in washer repair to proceed with the verification. Be aware that the pump can be repaired even after 10 years of use.

The third fact that could cause this failure is the faulty condition of the washer control panel. Just like the pump, you can attach the services of a specialist to get it back in working order.

The washer drum no longer rotates

The first hypothesis to check if the drum of your washer no longer rotates is that of the broken belt. You can manually rotate the drum to see if it has resistance. If this is not the case, then the belt is broken and you need to proceed with its replacement.

On the other hand, it can be just out of its axis. In this situation, you just have to reposition it for the drum to resume its rotation. Another explanation we can give to a drum that no longer rotates is that the bearings are in poor condition. It happens that the bearings are rusted and therefore are blocked.

To find out, disassemble the back panel of the washer. In the event that the bearings have leaked, observe their flow. You will notice traces or a trail of rust. In these situations, they must be changed. However, it is rare to be able to perform only the replacement of this part. The best solution is then to replace the transmission, when it comes to a top-loading washer. On the other hand, if it is a front washer, it is the tank that is usually changed.

Besides that, if the motor of your washer is in poor condition, the drum will not start moving. We advise you to have it repaired even after 7 years of use, but beyond 10 years, it is essential to change it.

A fourth justification we can give for this failure is that the washer’s electronic board is toasted. To ensure the veracity of this hypothesis, it is just necessary to use the ohmmeter for a control of the resistance of the board. If it is verified, then it is possible to have it repaired.

The washer flows

Your washer can start to leak because of at least three factors. These include:

  • an unscrewed water inlet pipe or a clogged or pierced part;
  • a damaged gasket;
  • rusty bearings.

In the first case, you just need to control and adjust the water inlet and outlet systems (siphon and pipe). You can also change the pierced part, if necessary. As for the deteriorated seal, you will just need to replace it so that the washer stops flowing. Rusty bearings are also to be changed depending on the type of washer as we had to explain above.

In addition, prefer a repair to a change, if it is a question of repairing minor breakages on a washer less than 10 years old. However, the cost of this repair and labor must be less than $300.

No matter what situation you encounter with your device, we inform you that we are available to offer you a better service. In other words, APlus Repair is specialized for any intervention on any brand of household appliances. We can also help you with washer installation operations.


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Should you replace or repair your washer?