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Why is my refrigerator making noise?

The refrigerator is a household appliance that helps enormously in the kitchen. It makes it possible to preserve food by guaranteeing it a longer duration. However, it can emit several normal noises or not. It can also be affected by many failures depending on the malfunction it has suffered. When the noises become incessant, it truly becomes an ordeal. The only alternative is to find a refrigerator repair service. Find out in this article why your fridge is noisy and the right solutions.

Is your fridge noisy? The different sounds

Refrigerators, there are several types including the built-in fridge, the portable fridge, the mini fridge. No matter what fridge you own, it can emit noises of various kinds. That is to say, completely normal noises that come from the operation of the fridge and noises due to a malfunction of one of the parts of the fridge. For noise emitted naturally by your fridge, these are:

  • buzzing sounds that come from the operation of the compressor;
  • whistling due to air circulation;
  • squeaks due to the defrost system;
  • vibrations from the piping of the cooling system;
  • bubbling from the refrigerant;
  • crackles due to the cooling system.

What are the causes of noise in your fridge?

The noise that your fridge is in poor condition can come from several sources. It can be a:

Compressor problem

Sometimes the inner valves of your refrigerator’s compressor wear out. At this time, the compressor becomes defective and has trouble circulating the gas. This failure of the compressor causes the excess frost which in turn will rub the turbine at the level of the fan hence the birth of the noise that is heard.

Positioning shelves

The incorrect positioning of the different shelves can also cause noise in your fridge. Indeed, it should be emphasized that when the compressor of the fridge is running and the shelves at their levels are not well fixed, it causes noise. Also, the regular and frequent movement of these shelves can make them unstable hence the noises.

Thermostat malfunction

Noise in your fridge can also come from a problem with the thermostat. When it is damaged, it creates the non-regulation of the temperature of the fridge. If the temperature of the fridge is not regulated, there is an accumulation of frost due to excess cold. The frost in contact with the fan turbine gives rise to the noise you hear in your fridge.

Several reasons such as the failure of the electronic board, the malfunction of the fans, or the light can also be the cause of the noise you hear in your fridge.

Solutions to stop the noise of your fridge

Several solutions are available to you once you have identified the causes of the noise of your refrigerator. At each difficulty, an adequate solution that will lighten the task enormously. To solve the problem with the compressor, consider changing it by asking for advice from an authorized technician. He will advise you on the quality of the device you will need.

As for the incorrect positioning of your shelves, make a check through which you will ensure their stability. The bins and shelves once back in the right position, you will see that the noise will stop. To avoid noise from the thermostat, you must first perform a check. This verification will consist of testing the continuity of the thermostat; once this is done if the thermostat is really damaged, replace it.

Who to call for appliance repair?

When you have, by your means, tried to regularize what is happening in your refrigerator and the noise persists, call a specialist in fridge repair. The latter will come to make his diagnosis and identify the real problem. You can also use a specialized company that offers several services, namely residential installation, Laval installation and home installation of your household appliances.

Apart from installation, it is also specialized in fridge or fridge repair, commercial repair and industrial repair. If you live in Montreal or Quebec, a Quebec City repair service or Montreal repair service is also available. You will undoubtedly be satisfied with these different services.


The Most Frequently Asked Questions About a Noisy Fridge

Noisy fridge

Why is my refrigerator making noise?

The noises emitted by a refrigerator can be disconcerting, but most of the time, they are normal. The most common noise is the hum of the compressor, which is responsible for cooling the device. However, it’s important to note that if this buzzing sound becomes particularly loud or irregular, it may indicate an underlying problem. Abnormal noises, such as squeaking, rattling, or crackling, can indicate potential problems. Causes can vary, including frost buildup, loose fixtures, or even a fan problem. To solve this problem, it is essential to correctly diagnose the source of the noise.

My fridge makes a rattling noise. What can I do?

Rattling noises are often the result of ice or frost building up in the freezer compartment. When ice melts and reforms, it can make rattling noises. To fix this, defrost the freezer regularly. If the noise persists, check that objects or food are not touching the fan blades. If that doesn’t solve the problem, it’s best to call in a repair professional.

My fridge makes a loud gurgling noise. Is this normal?

Gurgling noises are usually not normal and may indicate a problem in the refrigerant circulation system. This can be caused by fluid overload, leakage, compressor problem, or air build-up in the pipes. Gurgling sounds may indicate a need for maintenance. Be sure to have your refrigerator checked by a professional to diagnose and fix the underlying problem.

My fridge is making creaking noises. What does that mean?

Cracking noises usually come from the expansion and contraction of materials inside the refrigerator due to temperature variations. These noises are often harmless. However, if the cracks are frequent or particularly loud, it’s a good idea to check that your fridge is level. An imbalance can cause cracking noises. Also, make sure that the inner walls are not in contact with objects or food, as this can also cause noises.

My refrigerator is making an abnormal buzzing noise. How do I fix it?

Unusual buzzing can be due to several reasons. Make sure your refrigerator is level, as an imbalance can cause unwanted vibrations and buzzing noises. Also, check that nothing is in contact with the compressor or condenser coils, as this can also lead to annoying noises. If, despite these checks, the noise persists, it is advisable to consult a refrigerator repair professional. A humming noise may indicate a problem with the compressor or other internal components that require expertise to be repaired properly.