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Why does my dryer no longer dry?

Your washing machine has stopped working for some time. It even lights up sometimes, but can no longer dry your clothes at all. Despite your various attempts at self-repair, the situation has not changed. Don’t sweat it. Even without the help of a specialist, you can get a small idea of the causes of the malfunction. Except that after the detection of the cause, you should contact one of the experts in repair of household appliances based in Montreal as Repair Aplus.

Why is my dryer no longer drying? The different possibilities

Whatever model you have, know that dryers are designed in a somewhat delicate way. The obsolescence or defect of a single room can quickly lead to long-term inconveniences. When, for example, parts such as the electronic board,the landing, the thermostat or the resistor are defective,your machine will no longer be able to dry your clothes.

The electronic card

This is undoubtedly one of the fundamental parts of washing machine machines. It plays almost the same role as the engine. It is she who takes care of the management of all the functions of the device. When it becomes obsolete or defective, it automatically affects other parts. These include:

  • The engine;
  • Heating;
  • Water…

The landing of your dryer

It is this component that protects the rear drum to allow your device to detect moisture. If it malfunctions, the malfunction of the landing of your washing machine will be obvious. When it is dilapidated or worn out, it can easily delight your machine with its dryer nature. Indeed, when the bearing remains for months without being maintained, it ends up accumulating fatty waste. It thus directly loses its ability to detect humility.

Resistance deteriorates

Without resistance, no air heating and without air heating, your linens will not dry. Resistance is therefore also a very important element of the dryer. Often two in number, it can easily cause your machine to stop heating. When only one of the two is dilapidated or deteriorated,your entire device fails. Either he simply stops drying the clothes, or he starts by putting a long time to dry them. You can find out if it is still functional by means of a multimeter.

The thermostat

Many of the heating stops of the washing machines are also due to a malfunction of the thermostat. It is this important building block that controls or signals the temperature to the programmer. But, after several moments of use, this part may lose its effectiveness. So, if the electrical board of your dryer does not have a problem and if its resistance is still functional, check the condition of the thermostat. It could be that it is the very source of your troubles.

Electrical installation

All electrical installations end up losing their performance over time. This is also the case with the electrical outlets to which the dryers are connected. After a few years of use, they can deteriorate and thus prevent your device from working. So also check the condition of your electrical installation.

Other elements of your dryer would be clogged

You almost never realize it. The refusal to dry washing machines is also often due to the plugging of certain elements that are supposed to let air through or water. This is for example the drain pump,the condenser,the filter

The drain pump

The drain pump is one of the parts of the dryer that should never be clogged or plugged. It is it that serves as a drain channel for condensation water. As soon as it locks up, the water is no longer discharged and the operation of the device is severely disrupted. Then examine the drain pump, it may be the cause of your troubles.

The condenser

The capping of the condenser is very paradoxical to the normal activity of the dryer. Even if you tolerate everything, never accept that the condenser is clogged, if your device has one. This causes the systematic shutdown of theheating effect of your machine. To avoid this clogged problem, it is just advisable to clean it at least once or twice every month.

The filter

It is also one of the building blocks of the washer-dryer to watch closely. By dint of accumulating textile residues, it ends up clogging and thus makes drying complicated. Because all dryers are equipped with a safety mode that makes them dysfunctional when the filter is clogged. So also check the status of your filter to be able to unclogging if necessary. And you don’t need to bother yourself if you don’t know about it. Just use ourservices. We are one of the best experts in Montreal in repairing or replacing parts of household appliances. We can intervene in your home as well as in your workplace.

The belt of your dryer would be broken

If none of the previously listed parts show any signs of malfunction, then check thecondition of the belt of your machine. This is the instrument that promotes the rotation of the dryer. When it breaks, it directly causes the work of washing machines to be delayed or even blocked. In case you realize this, just call on one of ourprofessionals. They are prepared and very seasoned for these kinds of work.

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Dryer that doesn’t dry anymore? Solutions to common problems

dryer no longer dries out

Why is my dryer no longer heating properly?

If your dryer isn’t heating properly, it may be due to a faulty heating resistor. This room is responsible for heating the air circulating in the dryer. Also check if the safety thermostat is in good condition. In some cases, a poor electrical connection or wiring problem can also cause this malfunction. It is recommended to call in a technician to make an accurate diagnosis.

How do I fix a drum not spinning problem?

If your dryer drum isn’t spinning, it could be due to a broken or loose drum belt. Visually check the condition of the belt and make sure it is properly tensioned. If the belt is in good condition, the problem may lie with the dryer motor or switch, and it’s best to call in a professional to make any necessary repairs.

How to avoid a clogged filter?

A clogged filter can lead to inefficient drying problems. To avoid this, be sure to clean the filter after each use. Remove lint and debris to maintain proper air circulation. Additionally, check the dryer exhaust duct regularly to make sure it’s not clogged. A clogged duct can also cause drying problems.

Why is my dryer making an unusual noise?

If your dryer is making unusual noises, it could be due to a foreign object stuck in the drum or faulty parts. Make sure the drum is clear of any foreign objects. If the noise persists, it’s best to have the dryer inspected by a professional. Unusual noises can come from faulty bearings, pulleys, or other internal components.

How to Prevent Dryer Problems in the Future?

To avoid future problems with your dryer, perform regular maintenance. Clean the filter after each use, check the dryer exhaust duct for clogs, and make sure the power cord is in good condition. Also, avoid overloading the dryer, as this can lead to premature wear and tear. If you run into any problems, call a professional dryer repair technician.