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The 5 risks concerning the maintenance of your oven

A well-equipped modern kitchen now includes an oven. The latter allows the realization of many recipes and must be the subject of special attention, especially in terms of maintenance. To preserve your oven for a long time and preserve it, here are some valuable tips.

#1 – Never clean your oven

The maintenance of your oven is a primary issue. And although this device sometimes serves on a daily basis, it is easy to forget to wash it. Whether your oven is self-cleaning or not, it will be important to think about washing it, for obvious reasons.

Over the course of use, food debris colonizes the inside of your device, and its accumulation can quickly involve various risks. It is a mistake to never think about cleaning the inside of your oven by relying on the fact that the fire sterilizes this place. Indeed, smoke and debris burned can be carcinogenic, or promote the development of various bacteria. A good cleaning will rid your device of all kinds of residue, while preserving it over time.

#2 – Misuse the functions of your oven

In order for your oven to serve you as long as possible, and to make the most of it, you need to know the functions it has. The use of the self-cleaning function, for example, prevents any use of the oven for a long time. So remember to do it long before the time scheduled for use when you have guests for example.

Some misunderstandings about the oven configuration can be counterproductive. This is the case, for example, when plugting the ventilation holes in the oven, in order to enjoy optimal heat. These mouths must remain open for good heat circulation inside.

There are also some habits that are easy to take, but that are not the most advantageous. For example, leaving aluminum dishes or papers in the oven after use is very common. The fact is that before preheating the oven for other cooking, it is easy to forget these various elements, which often causes unpleasant fumes or the risk of burns when one wants to remove these dishes.

#3 – Use your oven as a heater

This error is relatively common. It is indeed tempting to turn on the oven in cold weather to hope to warm the inside of your home in the absence of efficient heating. However, this solution carries significant risks, and it is strongly discouraged to use it.

It should be noted that over long periods of use, the risks of gas leakage are significant. Using the oven as heating increases this risk significantly. If the flame goes out without your knowledge, you may also incur carbon monoxide poisoning. This odorless gas is dangerous and can therefore escape without you noticing.

A third important point is the waste of energy related to this practice. The oven is not designed to offer the same performance as appliances dedicated to heating. You will therefore spend much more energy, without having the same results as for the case of a regulatory boiler.

#4 – Open the door too often to check cooking

Simple habits such as opening the oven door a little too often during its operation will also not allow you to enjoy the best of its performance for your recipes.

Heat loss caused by unnecessary openings leads to wasted energy, as the oven spends even more to return to the right temperature.

#5 – Using the wrong cleaning products

For the cleaning operation of your oven, the most important thing is to carefully select the products you will use. Your preference should be given to cleaning products designed with natural elements. You should know that despite the claims to the contrary of the brands, chemicals can be harmful and corrosive, which alters the structure of your device, and can represent a relative danger.

White vinegar or baking soda allow the formation of a very effective paste to remove food residues without harming your device.

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The 5 risks concerning the maintenance of your oven