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Top 7 Appliances with the Most Frequent Breakdowns

The usefulness of household appliances is well established. But, you are aware that these machines can present failures at any time preventing you from enjoying them. In addition, the frequency of failures generally varies from one device to another. Hence the importance of knowing the appliances for the most frequent breakdowns and preparing yourself accordingly. Being professional in the repair of these machines, our company Repair A Plus, has identified for you the top 7 of these household electrical equipment likely to break down regularly.

1- The washer or washing machine

Washing machine in Montreal

This appliance which is also one of the appliances the most used is the number 1 that breaks down. Among the problems usually presented by washers, we can note: starting problems, unusual noises, emission of vibrations out of the ordinary … Another most common annoyance with a washer is the failure of spinning. It should be noted that this is a technical malfunction that has to do with the anti-unbalance system. But this usually comes from misuse of your hardware. Similarly, it may happen that you are faced with problems of incomplete emptying or non-existent filling.

2- The dishwasher

Comes in second place the dishwasher. Water-related problems affect it. Thus, you may have start-up difficulties following the water supply that is poorly carried out. Also, other malfunctions can be observed such as clogged arms, a defective door seal, the blockage of a pump or the defect of the float. Faced with these embarrassments, if you check and the pipe of the flow is not twisted or the duct clogged, it is necessary to immediately call on one of our professional repairers.

3- The dryer

The dryer is a device that works thanks to good air circulation. If you do not have a good space configuration to let the air circulate, it will regularly break down. In addition, the filter and exhaust pipe of your machine can cause you major problems. In any case, for the distribution of your dryer of any brand in Quebec, you can benefit from the expertise of the technicians in repair devices of the company Repair A Plus.

4- The refrigerator

The fridge is also a household appliance with the most frequent breakdowns. As you know, it works with a heat pump to produce cold air. As soon as some resistors fail, the temperature drops and therefore your fridge will be warmer. You have two options to resolve this issue. Either you fix it or you invest in a new purchase of refrigerator. Admittedly, repair is a bit expensive when the compressor or gas circuit is clogged or drilled.

5- The oven

As for the ovens, they also have frequent breakdowns. It may stop working overnight. Check the power source. Do not forget to check if you have programmed the ignition time correctly. Whether for a Home installation or a home repair of all brands of oven, you can count on our technicians who are ready to come and troubleshoot your oven.

6- The stove

Cooker repair

It’s easy to see regular breakdowns with your
. For example, electric stoves display problems that have to do with the hob. This is about error codes, not starting the device or broadcasting unusual noises. Sometimes your stove’s oven timer stops working. Or, there is a blockage of the oven door. Finally, the burners on your stove may face ignition problems.

7- The ice maker

Many malfunctions can be observed with this household appliance. In reality, your ice maker may no longer turn off. From there, it will only produce ice. And in turn, the cost of the bill will rise. Sometimes it does not produce ice, it does not eject ice and even it is possible that the temperature emitted by this equipment is too high. In any case, with us at A Plus Repair, you benefit from repair services at reasonable prices in all 82 municipalities of Greater Montreal.


Basically, most appliances, regardless of their model and brand, always have a number of failures. We let us master very well the repair of these materials and intervene in the sector of the greater Montreal area. Thanks to our professionalism, we give life to your broken appliances always using quality spare parts. We offer you home repair and installation services for household appliances major brands. Whether at home or in the office, our experts are available to give you complete satisfaction.

Top 7 Appliances with the Most Frequent Breakdowns