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What are common problems with dryer operation?

Like any appliance, the dryer can start showing signs of failure overnight. While some signs are manageable, others are less so. So, it is worth knowing the recurring problems encountered on dryers. Thus, you can remedy them easily or better, prevent them.

Some problems encountered on dryers

Several malfunctions can be observed on a dryer.

Dryer does not turn on anymore

When the dryer you usually use suddenly refuses to turn on, don’t panic. The first thing you need to do is check if this device is properly connected to the mains. If this is the case and the device still won’t turn on, then the problem is at its level.

Generally, it is the thermal fuses that are to blame because of their failure. You can use the data sheet that comes with the appliance to replace them properly.

If, despite replacing these components, the dryer still does not turn on, it is preferable to involve APlus Repair. We are experts in appliance repair and installation.

Dryer that no longer heats up

There’s no reason to panic when your dryer stops heating up. First, check if the settings at the appliance level are well done. Indeed, on most dryers, the settings that allow the device to produce heat are curiously prone to change on their own.

In case all settings are normal and the device still does not produce heat, check if the electric starter is working well. Unfortunately, this component of the dryer is still not easy to access. Your only option is to call a technician who specializes in appliance troubleshooting. If you are in Montreal or its surroundings, APlus Repair will put one of its technicians at your disposal.

Dryer that burns clothes

Sometimes the dryer burns a garment. If you notice such a situation, do not take the risk of turning the device back on. It could cause more serious damage. There are several reasons for this. The ideal is to inform a professional in repair and installation of household appliances. He will be able to reveal exactly the source of the problem.

Dryer that turns off after a short time

Sometimes the dryer suddenly stops working. This is usually caused by:

  • The thermostat;
  • The thermal fuse;
  • Thermal resistance;

To make sure these components of the device are working as they should, use a voltmeter. If one of them fails, it will have to be replaced by yourself or by a professional. In the event that these components are perfectly functional, an expert is the only one who gives you the cause of the malfunction of the device.

Absence of sound although the drum turns

There are many reasons why no sound is produced even as the dryer drum rotates. The first reason is the malfunction of the fuse. This one can be broken. Thus, it will prevent the production of heat in the device.

Pull the fuse from the device and check if it is in good condition or not. If inside its wires are broken, then it will not work. It will have to be replaced by one that is similar. On the other hand, if the fuse wires are intact, the problem is either at the thermostat or at the level of the pipe valve.

Appliance repair: why trust APlus Repair?

With many years of experience, APlus Repair offers its customers a warranty on any appliance repair that the company performs. This guarantee that we offer you is proof that we are confirmed experts in our sector both in Laval and Montreal. Whether it’s a breakdown of your dryer or dishwasher, either can work again if you entrust us with the repair.

What are common problems with dryer operation?