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What to do with your old appliances before a move?

Moves are generally delicate processes that involve taking into account multiple parameters. In particular, they give the opportunity to discover all its household appliances. Moving involves organizing your belongings and packing them for transportation.

During this process, the concern about what to do with old appliances is almost unavoidable. Discover the good arrangements to take in this context to move!

The different ways to organize old appliances

appliance repair

Household appliances pay for themselves over the course of use. Before moving, it is recommended to perform an audit. It allows you to discover all the devices and their respective status in order to make the right decisions. Here are some good steps to take for a good management of these devices during a move.


After separating the small appliances from the large ones, it is necessary to check that each one is functional or not. Devices that have malfunctions should be set aside. You can repair them by using a specialized company like A Plus Repair. It takes care of the repair of machines and parts for household appliances.

You will be able to take advantage of the services of industrial repairs, home and office installations. This specialist makes a diagnosis and repairs to appliances such as the stove, washer, air conditioners, refrigerator and dishwasher. You have the option to repair the appliance or refrigeration process rather than throw it away.

This poses an even greater problem when these elements are released into the wild. Indeed, some of this equipment contains polluting materials. Repairing a refrigerator allows it to be recycled and used for a variety of purposes.

Whether it’s a repair in Montreal or an installation in Laval, you can trust a real specialist in the region. You also have the best guarantees for a repair in Quebec City.

Donate, sell or recycle devices

Recycling repaired appliances is a good solution. You can take your devices to an electronics store. There are many WEEE (Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment) stores. The deposit can be done at the center closest to you.

In addition to recycling, it is often possible to sell a household appliance. You could take images and publish them on resale sites. Interested parties can contact you to purchase it. Supplementing money to buy a new appliance is sometimes an option.

The other alternative is to take advantage of the marketing offers offered by equipment sellers. The supplier takes back the old device and allows to buy a new one. You also have the option of donating the equipment to charities. People with modest incomes will be able to equip themselves thanks to your gesture.

In addition to improving comfort within some families, such a donation can contribute to job creation. Some organizations take care of the repair of equipment before reselling it.

Drop off old equipment at the garbage dump

It is possible to deposit your broken or non-functional devices at the garbage dump. It is a place authorized to receive this kind of equipment. After the deposit, the appliances are transported to the sorting centers. Then they undergo the necessary treatments in order to be recycled.

This way of doing things makes it possible not to expose oneself to fines. People who leave appliances on the street are exposed. It is better to put them directly in the garbage dump. This gesture is inexpensive and more ecological.

Optimize the move

After the dispatch of the appliances, it is necessary to organize the remaining appliances to move safely. Indeed, the weight of some equipment can increase the bill. It is recommended to inform the moving agency in advance. It will take into account heavy objects when drawing up the estimate.

An object is considered heavy when it weighs more than 100 kilos. When the company is informed, it makes its arrangements and applies a reasonable additional cost. You have the assurance that your equipment will not be left on site for lack of handling means.

In addition, prepare the devices for transport. You can pack small appliances in a protective layer. It will be necessary to empty the inside of the fridge, dishwasher, washing machine, etc.

What about the new installation

After getting rid of the aging appliances, you have to think about setting up the remaining ones in your new home. The ideal is to call on a specialized professional like A Plus Repair. The company takes care of the residential installation and a multitude of other similar works.

It offers a high quality service with the necessary legal guarantees. You may be compensated in case of damage. In addition, it is possible to replace donated equipment. New appliances are very recommended to optimize the level of comfort. Choose energy-efficient appliances that comply with ecological standards.
If you are in your process of reflecting on your move we recommend that you call on moving professionals in Montreal,they will guarantee the proper handling of your electrical appliances to avoid any breakage.

What to do with your old appliances before a move?