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Who can install your kitchen hood?

A kitchen hood is a household appliance used to suck and evacuate cooking fumes from a kitchen. It generally exists according to two models, namely the recycling extractor hood and the extraction extractor hood. Depending on the model, the work to install it may be different as well as the skills required. Who can therefore ensure correctly, in compliance with safety standards, the installation of your kitchen hood? We invite you to find the solution to this question in our article.

The ideal professional for the installation of your range hood

To install a kitchen hood, you can request the services of a professional kitchen designer. Whether it’s installation, fastening or connections, this expert has the attributes and the necessary equipment to ensure you have an excellent job. However, be aware that the recycling extractor hood model does not require special operations for its installation. The only intervention required is to install and fix the device on a wall or ceiling. If you are a handyman, then you can personally take care of the installation of this type of kitchen hood.

kitchen hood

On the other hand, the extraction extractor hood presents a complexity in its installation procedure. By way of illustration, it requires the creation of an exhaust vent, which is not the case with the recycling model. To guarantee a quality and optimal installation of your kitchen hood, we recommend that you call on the expertise of a qualified kitchen designer. This is best suited for installation, fastening, electrical connection and all other operations related to the installation of kitchen hoods. Note that thanks to his training, he is better able to intervene in your kitchen while respecting the safety rules in force.

The procedure for installing a kitchen hood

To install your kitchen hood, the professional kitchen designer you have used must follow certain steps.

The first phase consists of delimiting the location where this household appliance will be installed. This can be the kitchen wall or the ceiling.

Then, he proceeds to the installation and then the fixing of the hood to the defined place. Once the machine is fixed, the craftsman makes the connection of it to the exhaust vent. In the event that this output does not yet exist, it will be necessary to create it before starting the installation.

In the end comes the last step of the installation that is the electrical connection of the kitchen hood. Be aware that, like any intervention, the specialist must carry out after all these tasks, checks to ensure the perfect installation of the device and its proper functioning.

The essential elements for the development of a kitchen hood installation quote

The installation quote of a kitchen hood is a document that details the service and the cost of the professional’s intervention. And it is important to ask your installer so as not to get scammed. To establish it, the kitchen designer takes into account certain elements. These include:

  • the shape (built-in, independent, wall-mounted or ceiling-mounted) of the kitchen hood;
  • the existence or not of an old hood (to be removed before installing the new one);
  • the obligation or not to make a duct and an evacuation vent vent outside;
  • the need or not to put outside the kitchen, the engine of the hood.

It also considers the existence or not of equipment specific to the kitchen appliance to be installed. Note that taking into account all these aspects, the cost of the quote can be on average between 100 € and 250 €.

In summary, installing a kitchen hood requires certain skills. Delegating the operations of your installation is the best option, even if you are a DIY enthusiast. This also guarantees that you will obtain an impeccable result.

However, you must entrust the installation of your kitchen hood to a professional in the field to ensure that you benefit from a job free of any suspicion. Apart from the organization from which you bought the machine, you can call on a first-class kitchen designer.

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Kitchen Hood Installation: Everything You Need to Know

Extractor hood installation

Why do I need a range hood?

A range hood is essential for removing odours, smoke and grease generated during cooking. It helps maintain the air quality inside your home, prevent greasy residue buildup on surfaces, and improve safety by removing potentially flammable vapors.

Installing a range hood is a complex task that requires specific skills to ensure that it works properly. Calling in a professional is the best option for a correct installation.

What are the advantages of hiring a professional for the installation of my range hood?

Hiring a professional for the installation of your range hood has many advantages. First, an experienced installer has the skills to choose the optimal location, ensure adequate ventilation, and ensure that the hood is properly secured. In addition, it ensures that your hood will comply with current safety standards. Finally, a professional can advise you on the choice of the hood best suited to your kitchen.

How to choose the right kitchen hood installer?

To choose the right range hood installer, look for a qualified and experienced professional. Make sure they have the necessary licenses and certifications. Ask for references and check out reviews from previous customers. Make sure the installer is familiar with the type of hood you’ve chosen and can guarantee quality work.

How much does it cost to install a range hood by a professional?

The cost of having a range hood installed by a professional can vary depending on several factors, including the type of hood, the complexity of the installation, the geographic region, and the professional you hire. On average, the cost is between €200 and €500, but it can be higher for complex installations.

When should you have a kitchen hood installed?

Ideally, a range hood should be installed when designing your kitchen or when renovating. However, if you already have a kitchen without a hood, it is recommended that you have a hood installed as soon as possible to improve the air quality inside your home and ensure safety when cooking.

Who can install your kitchen hood?