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Why does the refrigerator no longer work?

To properly preserve food, it is necessary to have a number of household appliances. Among the latter is the refrigerator. The usefulness of this device is so important that when it stops working, it brings disorganization in lifestyle habits. It must therefore be repaired as soon as possible. For this, it is essential to know the causes of refrigerator malfunction.

The causes of a malfunction of the fridge

At the root of the malfunction of a refrigerator are usually 4 causes. Depending on each cause, the device no longer turns on at all or it no longer provides the desired result.

Total shutdown of the fridge

The first cause to look for this problem is at the branching level. Often, if you have not properly connected the electrical cable to the mains, the fridge no longer works.

It will first be necessary to reconnect the cable to the socket and try to turn on the device again. If the fridge still won’t turn on, change the outlet or cable. There is a good chance that the problem will be solved in this way.

However, it happens that at the root of this total shutdown of your device is the obsolescence of the device. Or, it is simply defective. In either case, the solution to your problem is replacing the device.

Fridge too cold

The common cause of this problem is to be found in the internal thermometer of the device. In this case, you need to set it to the right temperature.

The second probable cause of the failure is frost. Therefore, you need to defrost the refrigerator.

Sometimes there is a wrong positioning of the probe. Therefore, it does not indicate the exact internal temperature of the device. This forces the cold circuit to work more intensely in order to compensate for the fictitious deficit of cold.

It may happen that none of these three causes are at the root of this failure. In this case, you need to use the service of a refrigerator repair technician. It will detect the cause of the failure and proceed to its resolution.

The fridge no longer cools

If your refrigerator no longer cools, be aware that there are several possible explanations for this. Indeed, several elements can prevent the production of cold in the device. Check if the internal thermometer is not out of order. If so, simply set it or replace it.

The other probable and recurrent factor is that related to the circulation of the refrigerant gas of the device. Often, it happens that this circuit is damaged or congested. It will be necessary to use the services of a professional in appliance repair specialized in cold and air conditioning issues.

The fridge disconnects the meter

Has your electricity meter already disconnected after you plug in the fridge? If so, the likely cause of this problem is the presence of a short circuit on your power grid. This can also be explained by the fact that the grounding is not done.

Faced with such a breakdown, you are forced to call in an electrician. It will research the power grid in order to detect the exact cause of the problem and solve it.

Call on an appliance repair professional like APlus Repair

The operation of a refrigerator is special. Indeed, it appeals to several laws of physics. The balance between these laws ensures its proper functioning. When this device starts by malfunctioning, it is necessary to call a repair technician ice maker or fridge. Never try to fix it yourself. This will prevent you from aggravating the breakdown.

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Why does the refrigerator no longer work?