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Why does the washer no longer empty?

Household appliances are essentially manufactured to make life easier for humans. Among these devices is the washer. The latter is regularly the subject of several different breakdowns. But the malfunction of the drainage system is the most recurrent failure. This problem is most reported to the washer breakdown service. However, the repair of such a device has a cost. It is therefore important to know the causes of this failure in order to prevent it. Discover these causes here.

The reasons for poor drainage in the washing machine

There are several reasons why your washer no longer empties. We will mention a few here.

Poorly closed lid

Recent generations of washers are equipped with a certain technology that makes them smarter and smarter. This reduces the risk of accidents related to the use of these devices.

This is because the device can tell if its lid is closed or not. If it is not hermetically closed and in the way it should be, the washer considers that it is always open. Therefore, it will not work normally. Faced with a drainage failure, you must first check if the lid is indeed closed. If the breakdown is not at this level, call on the Admiral Montreal repair specialist.

High amount of foam

If there is too much foam in the washing machine, there is a good chance that it will not be able to empty. At the origin of this high amount of foam, there is the amount of detergent as well as the nature of the water. Indeed, highly soft water induces a lot of foam. The latter is dangerous for laundry spinning and water drainage. In other words, avoid abusing the detergent when you put your clothes to wash in the washer. It is recommended to use a liquid cleaner rather than a hard soap. So that this precaution is taken, the problem persists, call a washer repair expert.

Filter blocked

Among the components of the washer is the pump equipped with a filter. The function of the latter is to prevent objects from reaching the plumbing network through the drain pipe. Sometimes the filters are clogged. Generally, the objects behind this block are buttons and silver coins.

A blocked filter is of course an obstacle to the water that must circulate to reach the drain pipe. This situation also imbalances the loading cycles. All this together causes an amana washer problem in the drainage system.

If the failure is because the filter is blocked, try to access it. Then, remove the various elements that have attached to it or that obstruct it. If you can’t do this, call a professional appliance repairer.

Damaged drain pipe

The malfunction of your washer may be at the level of the drain pipe. Sometimes it is clogged, compressed or folded. In such a situation, the circulation of water is prevented. In case of failure in the hose, it is better to proceed with its replacement. APLUS REPAIR always has in stock the component you need to restore your washer to normal working order. We are specialists in Montreal washer repair.

Malfunction of the exhaust pump

Sometimes a tiny object or even laundry paralyzes the propellers of the pump. It is also possible that the pump is simply out of order. We do not advise you to repair it by yourself. Indeed, you could hurt yourself while trying. It is better to use the services of our appliance repair technicians.

Solenoid valve

Obstruction of the solenoid valve can also be the cause of poor drainage in your washer. Failure of this machine component can also create the same problem. In the event of a failure, the water inlet valve remains substantially half-closed. Therefore, it allows the liquid to infiltrate. You will have proof of this by noticing that the laundry at the bottom of the tank is wet unlike the rest.

Why not use APlus Repair?

It is good to know the different causes of poor drainage in your washer. It is even better to be able to get rid of these problems. Some failures can be easy to solve on your own. Others will require the intervention of a professional.

APlus Repair is a company specializing in the troubleshooting of household appliances in Montreal. For any malfunction found in your washer, check the origin of the failure. If you cannot repair the machine, use our services.

Our company also intervenes for the repair furnace. We use an excellent product to clean the oven. This oven cleaner is of course ecological and does not leave an odor in the machine. In addition, if your dryer no longer dries or if the dryer no longer heats up we will intervene on your request for a dryer repair.

APlus Repair is also many other services including refrigerator repair and kitchen hood repair. If you live in Montreal and need a dishwasher repairer or an ice maker repairer, contact us. We will satisfy you with professionalism.

Why does the washer no longer empty?