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Bosch Appliances Repair Services in Montreal

Bosch is a world-wide famous company which is involved in the manufacturing of various home appliances. Most of their products are built on the latest technologies. Their hydrofresh mechanism used in refrigerators, is happened to be quite unique, by which you can keep fruit, vegetables, and other eatables fresh as long as you want. All the products are eco-friendly and too easy to use. Our professional technicians’ provide the repair services for Bosch products and come to your home for diagnosing the problem. They have special tools with them so that they come up with the solution quicker. They are highly well-trained and offer one year guarantee on their work.

Bosch Error Codes

This section includes a list of ingenious bosch error/fault codes. Our professionals use these codes as they save a lot of time by identifying where to initiate the diagnosis of appliance.

Bosch Washing Machine

F16 – Door lock error F17 – Inlet valve error detected F18 – Drain error detected F23 – Anti flood device has been activated F34 – Door lock error F42 – Motor fault F43 – Motor fault F44 – Motor fault
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