Subzero Appliances Repair Services in Montreal

Subzero is one of the top home refrigerators manufacturers which was founded in 1945. They work on the various kitchen wares and integrated designs of refrigerators too. They have served more the 80 years in the field of kitchen commodities and have developed the high performance throughout. We serve as the expert service providers for the subzero appliance’s repairs. Our technicians come to your home to inspect your subzero product and diagnose the issue. They bring all the necessary subzero tool so that the problem is solved at the spot and much quicker. Along with that, they authenticate your appliance and do the repairs by providing the guarantee of one year for future. Our professionals are highly qualified in testing any of the subzero appliances and ensure the best quality service. You can ask question to them if you have any and also place your suggestions to have best upkeep plan for the appliance.

Subzero Error Codes

This section includes a list of ingenious subzero error/fault codes. Our professionals use these codes as they save a lot of time by identifying where to initiate the diagnosis of appliance.

Sub Zero Refrigerator

Fault CodeCondition/DescriptionSolution
EC21Defrost Functionality IssueClean the condenser
EC40Freezer Excessive Compressor RunningMake sure the kick plate is not covered or enclosed in custom cabinetry
EC50Refrigerator Excessive Compressor RunningClean the condenser of dirt or dust
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