Microwave Over the Range Installation Service in Montreal!

If you are faced with a malfunction in the microwave, you should not rush to replace it with a new one. We guarantee that microwave over the range installation in our company, Aplus Repair, is much more profitable than the acquisition of an updated model. Call our service center in Montreal and we will install its serviceability in just 1 day.

In this case, the installation of the device includes a full-fledged diagnostic that allows you to cook food faster and easier. Due to this, you get a fully functional technique that will last a long time. It is important to note that the installation of microwave ovens by the masters of our service draws up an official guarantee.

The Services on Over the Range Microwave Installation

Do you desire a microwave oven installation in your kitchen without wasting counter space? On this, our services on the installation of over-the-range microwaves could be helped you in this case. By bringing the convenience of a microwave into your kitchen, you need to put it over your stove. These types of microwaves are attached with an exhaust fan that helps ventilate your kitchen while you cook over the stove.

Some of over the range microwaves are made up of stainless steel, whereas other models come in black or white so that is can match with the existing and already installed ovens. If you call Aplus Repair to install your over the range microwave, then we will make sure that you will also get a microwave mounting kit. Our over the range microwave installation service includes all instructions, hardware, and brackets for mounting with the microwave unit.

Maintenance of Microwave Installation

After over the range microwave installation in the kitchen, we recommended that follow these tips:

  • Direct sunlight should not fall on the microwave;
  • Do not put the device in narrow places – around the walls of the case it is necessary to leave gaps of 10-30 cm for air intake;
  • The microwave oven should not touch and be located near heat sources;
  • Installation of a microwave on a refrigerator is not desirable, vibration affects the operation of the device;
  • Vents should not be blocked with kitchen furniture.

If you have not previously encountered the over the range microwave installation, we recommend that contact our professionals and electricians who perform this work quickly, efficiently and in compliance with all electrical safety requirements.

Contact Our Trained Microwave Oven Installation Repairman at Home

To apply for a specialist home visit, contact us. Our experienced microwave oven installation masters of the company Aplus Repair will produce the full range of necessary work in any area of Montreal and the Montreal region. In the latter case, the operator will contact you in a few minutes to clarify the details. So, choose a convenient time to visit the master and wait for his arrival.