Refrigerator Repair in Montreal

This is one of the few household appliances that requires continuous running. When you fail to service your fridge, it can go bad. Do you know what else can be affected? your food. You don’t want to discard your sumptuous meals that you precook for work and for the remaining days of the week. Oh no! A dysfunctional fridge increases the risk of food spoilage.

Fridge Maintenance

You may realize that cleaning the far fetched areas of your fridge is very difficult. A fridge requires a yearly maintenance, no worries! A+ can help. So, if you are completely clueless about fixing your fridge, hire a professional. At A+ we are well equipped to resolve any problem that your fridge has. Call us today, you will be glad you did.

Poor Cooling

Is your fridge cooling at a slow rate or cools none at all? If you are experiencing this issue you need to take your fridge to a qualified professional that will help to resolve the problem.

Unusual annoying sound

Noise pollution! You may desire to take a nice sleep in the cool of the day but your meditation is being constantly disturbed by unfriendly sounds from your fridge. This can be such a mood spoiler. So, it is important that you fix this issue. This problem can be due to damage to the mechanical components of the compressor or as a result of compressor shift.

It constantly leaks water

This can cause your floor to become slippery which can be a hazard, especially if you have children. In addition, if you seek professional assistance, you can reduce the time wasted on cleaning up leaks.

Excessive cycling

Your fridge may start and stop regularly. This can have a negative effect on your general power supply.