Washer Repair in Montreal

Washing Machine not spinning

A washing machine not spinning could be caused by one of those components such as bad rotator, stator or a broken belt… Our certified technician have the necessary tools and experience to solve this issue.

Washer not starting

A washer not starting could be due to a faulty wire, or a bad control board, if that the case we will replace your cable for a new one in no time.

Washer not filling up

Machine is not filling up could be cause by a blocked tube or a bad solenoid. Our technicians all had a specialised plumbing formation for that type of problem.

Clothes are dirty or stained

Sometimes after a wash cycle your cloth would get stained or become even more dirty then they previously were due to a machine having dirty components. With our special tools we can clean out and vaccum all the dirt out of your washer machine, call us now for a quick repair.

Washer not draining

This is a common problem with washing machine, usually it is caused by a clogged sock or a broken drain pump. This repair requires a professional appliance repairman. Give us a call and we will send one of our expert technicians to get your machine running again!.

Washer making loud noise

A washer machine making loud noises can be very annoying, and can be cause by overloading the machine or an unbalance load. If the problem persist don’t hesitate to call A+ repair.

Washer door not opening

Most of the time when a washer door won’t open its because the door latch is broken, or the washer is stuck on a cycle. Try to unplug the washing machine for 5 minutes, if that doesn’t work give us a call, and we will send one of our technician to fix the problem as soon as possible!