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Stove Repair

If you are in love with your kitchen and can’t stay a day away, this is important news for you. How so? Well, life is very unpredictable and anything can happen to your good old stove that has been serving you for years. When these problems occur, they may seem irreversible, but this is where APlus comes in.

Stoves can be very dangerous if certain problems that they experience are not given immediate attention. Here are a few problems that can occur with your stove, which will indicate that it needs to be fixed or repaired.

Gas leaking

This is a very serious situation that can threaten one’s life. Gas spills may occur due to breakage in gas lines. How does this happen? Something heavy may fall on your oven or your gas line may be old and worn.

Difficulty Lighting

Can you imagine waking up in the morning with an intense desire to cook a nice one pot meal on your stove and just to find out that your stove is not lighting. You need to take it to a repair expert to assess and diagnose the problem and to perform necessary repairs.


If your stove is overheating, this will end up with many unsuccessful dishes. Simply put, those dishes that you spend days or weeks planning will burn. We are sure no one wants to have this experience. Your stove may overheat because of a malfunctioning temperature sensor or a malfunctioning thermostat.

Stove is smoking

Smoke is dangerous and is not good for any living being. It can be very toxic if you inhale too much. Your stove may smoke because of inadequate combustion of air and insufficient fuel height.

Rusting and Deterioration

This can be due to the use of harsh chemicals that damage the outer layers of your stove. Furthermore, this damage persists and results in deterioration of various parts of your stove, especially near the burners.


washer service

Washer Repair

A washing machine not spinning could be caused by one of those components such as bad rotator, stator or a broken belt… Our certified technician have the necessary tools and experience to solve this issue.

A washer not starting could be due to a faulty wire, or a bad control board, if that the case we will replace your cable for a new one in no time.

Sometimes after a wash cycle your cloth would get stained or become even more dirty then they previously were due to a machine having dirty components. With our special tools we can clean out and vaccum all the dirt out of your washer machine, call us now for a quick repair.

This is a common problem with washing machine, usually it is caused by a clogged sock or a broken drain pump. This repair requires a professional appliance repairman. Give us a call and we will send one of our expert technicians to get your machine running again!.

A washer machine making loud noises can be very annoying, and can be cause by overloading the machine or an unbalance load. If the problem persist don’t hesitate to call A+ repair.

Most of the time when a washer door won’t open its because the door latch is broken, or the washer is stuck on a cycle. Try to unplug the washing machine for 5 minutes, if that doesn’t work give us a call, and we will send one of our technician to fix the problem as soon as possible!


Refrigerator service

Refrigerator Repair

This is one of the few household appliances that requires continuous running. When you fail to service your fridge, it can go bad. Do you know what else can be affected? your food. You don’t want to discard your sumptuous meals that you precook for work and for the remaining days of the week. Oh no! A dysfunctional fridge increases the risk of food spoilage.

It constantly leaks water

This can cause your floor to become slippery which can be a hazard, especially if you have children. In addition, if you seek professional assistance, you can reduce the time wasted on cleaning up leaks.

Excessive cycling

Your fridge may start and stop regularly. This can have a negative effect on your general power supply.

Unusual annoying sound

Noise pollution! You may desire to take a nice sleep in the cool of the day but your meditation is being constantly disturbed by unfriendly sounds from your fridge. This can be such a mood spoiler. So, it is important that you fix this issue. This problem can be due to damage to the mechanical components of the compressor or as a result of compressor shift.

Poor Cooling:

Is your fridge cooling at a slow rate or cools none at all? If you are experiencing this issue you need to take your fridge to a qualified professional that will help to resolve the problem.

Door not closing

This is a very common complaint of many clients. They sometimes report that the door closes for a while and then slowly reopens by itself. This issue must be addressed as it wastes electricity and increases your electricity bill.

Difficulty cleaning

You may realize that cleaning the farfetched areas of your fridge is very difficult. No worries! A+ can help.
So, if you are completely clueless about fixing your fridge, hire a professional. At A+ we are well equipped to resolve any problem that your fridge has. Call us today, you will be glad you did.


dryer service

Dryer Repair

Dryers are our spare sun. They get the jobs done very fast and does not need constant supervision if they are working correctly. You want to make sure that your dryer is in a good working condition to perform its designated function. We want to share with you some common problems that occur with dryers that you should know about. So, can you imagine having a long day at work, you come home and toss all those heavy sheets dress in your dryer, then surprisingly they are all soaking wet. If this happens don’t worry we have a team of experts to help you.Let’s examine some common issues that can occur with your dryer.

No heat

If there is no heat then most defiantly there will be no drying. This could be as a result of the fuse, thermostat, and temperature switch malfunctioning. It will require a professional to determine the problem and to seek to get the problem corrected.

Drum not Spinning

The process of spinning assist with the thorough drying of each piece of fabric. Therefore, if the inner drum is not spinning, effective drying will not occur. This problem may be caused by damage to the belt, a bad roller or motor problems.


Too hot? That’s dangerous! It is very important that you turn off the dryer immediately to prevent any electrical problems. This issue may be as a result of a clogged vent and a bad thermostat or heating coil. The clog vent can cause respiratory problems by increasing the level of carbon monoxide in your surroundings causing further health-related complications.

Does not work at all

This can be due to a lot of problems that you cannot solve on your own. So, it is ideal that you get a highly-trained technician to resolve the issues found.

Excessive Noise

When you are washing, or drying large heaps of clothing, we are 100% positive that you would want a calm environment that will foster your meditations. Don’t let a noisy dryer disturb your meditation. Act now and choose A+ to fix your dryer problems.

Now that you are fully knowledgeable of some of the problems that affect your dryer, act now and save yourself some time, money and energy.


Dishwashers Repair

A broken dishwasher can be a long nightmare for many of us. Dishwashers make life a whole lot easier. Don’t you agree? But to have a malfunctioning one can be disastrous. Can you image your kitchen filled with piles of dishes which you or your child refuse to wash? If you are someone that hates washing dishes, then this can be a huge issue. Problems such as leaks, inability to clean the dishes are some issues that may occur with your dishwasher. Many dishwasher-related issues can be resolved with the help of an expert technician. Let us look at some of the major problems that occur with dishwashers.

It cannot clean the dishes

Imagine a dishwasher that is not able to wash the dishes. You may think to yourself, “such a hopeless case; totally useless”, but it is not. It can be fixed. Your dishwasher may fail to perform its cleaning function because some of its parts may be worn.

It is leaking

You don’t want to have an environmental hazard in your dwellings. You can make an appointment with our technicians and we will resolve the issue for you.

Too much noise

There is no such thing as a “silent dishwasher”. However, a dishwasher that makes excessively loud noise needs attention. This may indicate that you have a pump that is defective or that the wash arm seal and bearing ring needs to be replaced.

Door won’t close

If you’re the door of your dishwasher won’t close then no washing can take place. The door is the most used part of your dishwasher, no doubt about it! A faulty door may be due to an electrical problem or it may be an indication that your door latch needs changing.

It is not being filled with water

No water, no clean dishes.

Water flow won’t stop

Water is essential for the functioning of your dishwasher. If your water stops flowing it may because the valve of your dishwasher is damaged and needs to be fixed.

It won’t start

Your circuit board and fuses may be stripped or blown out.

Dishwasher cracks

A technician is needed to address this issue urgently.

Fails to dry dishes

This may be an indicator that there is a problem with the heating element.


Range Hood Repair

Range Hood Repair

The range hood is one of the most crucial appliances installed in the kitchen space as it extracts unwanted smoke, grease, heat, and moisture out of a home’s living space. In short, to achieve proper ventilation and ensure clean indoor air for you and your family, the installation of range hood is a must. A benefit of a range hood’s primary function is that it increases the level of comfort during the preparation and cooking of meals. Imagine how frustrating and annoying it is to cook your daily meals in a kitchen covered in smoke, heat, and grease! It is not the most pleasant feeling that one would like to endure while cooking dishes, you see.  Lastly, range hoods ensure that other kitchen appliances, cabinetry, countertops, walls, and flooring are kept clean and germ-free. Without a properly installed range hood, your kitchen will be a gooey, sticky mess! Thick films of grease and dirt layered on top of each other are hard to remove from surfaces. The ventilation power of range hoods efficiently traps smoke and grease before it can even have the chance to land on the items in and around your kitchen.

  • Affordable repair services
  • Highly skilled repair experts
  • Quality and all-original parts
  • On-time and speedy service
  • Expert diagnosis and No hidden charges
  • Cleaning and maintenance services


Air conditioning

Air conditioner Repair

Can you image your summers without a working air conditioner? Chaotic! Imagine coming home from work feeling flushed and desiring a cool atmosphere to keep you relaxed. You then flick on your air conditioner and nothing happens. This can be a huge bother. The next question is what do you do next? Call A+, we are here to solve your air conditioning problems. Recognizing some of these problems can help you appreciate the need for a technician. Let’s zoom in on the top 5 problems that can affect your air conditioner. You can review this list to see if you need a repair technician.

Faulty wiring

Having faulty wiring can be a huge safety hazard. Your life and environs may be at risk. Bad wiring can trip your circuit breaker and interfere with the functioning of other appliances.

External Fan not working

This is the transporter in your air conditioning unit. It is basically responsible for sweeping the air from within your home to the outside where it meets outside air. If this is not functioning it can cause damage to the compressor.

Low Refrigerant

Refrigerant is basically an air cooling agent that is primarily responsible for cooling the air within your air conditioner. If there is a low level of this chemical it may indicate a leak or a problem with the air conditioning unit. It is essential that you report and fix refrigerant related issues as soon as they are identified.

Coils are frozen

This is often indicative of a problem with air flow which may be caused by clogged filters or an obstructed air work duct.

Malfunctioning functional Unit

This issue can be power related. You would want to contact a technician to help you resolve this issue as other appliances that use electricity can become affected.


Ice Maker Repair

Ice Maker Repair

Cool down your body with a refreshing ice filled drink on a very hot day. Don’t ice makers make life a whole lot easier? Instead of setting ice trays and waiting for the ice to be formed, you will have your ice readily available in your ice maker machine. You can keep cool in a hot weather, especially during the summer time. Like summer, ice makers are seasonal. They are only last for a time and needs constant repair and maintenance to remain in operation. So now, what exactly can go wrong with this handy machine? Wel,l there are quite a few issues that can occur.

It does not turn off

Can you imagine an ice maker that keeps going? It certainly will provide you with enough ice to last you a lifetime- kidding. This can increase electricity and cost you a whole lot, so it is best that you consult a professional technician for help.

It does not make any ice

What’s the sense of having an icemaker that cannot make ice? Pointless! However, it doesn’t have to be this way. It can be repaired so that you can have it up and running again.

No ice ejection

No ice? You may find that your ice maker fails to eject the ice when you need it. This may indicate a problem with the shutoff arm or its internal component.

It’s leaking

Leaking is a very common problem that occurs with ice makers. If and when this occurs, shut off your icemaker and consult a technician for assistance.

Temperature too high

This will cause your ice cubes to melt and loose its form.

Temperature too low

If the temperature of the ice maker is too low you will not get the desired ice shape and texture.

Switch is defective

The connections might be disturbed.